Hurricane Emily- anyone help me out ??

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Hi, I was gonna depart from San Cristobal-Mexico, to Playa Del Carmen tomorrow. One problem that i was thinking against was Hurricane Emily that has smashed the Yucatan peninsula.

In the next 8 days i wanted to head up that way ending in Isla Mujeres.
If there is anyone up in the peninusla or have met people from around that way on travels, could you update me please??
I have to venture that way as i am flying out from Cancun, so i have no choice than to go there, but when do you think things will have returned to normal i.e. Electricty and fallen trees etc...??
I hope anyone there was ok and avoided injury etc...

Thanks for any help,


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The Associated Press version of what happened with Emily in the Yucatan can be found at

Sounds like the major damage is at Puerto Aventuras--just 15 kilometres south of Playa del Carmen, and at Playa del Carmen itself. Apparently, Cancun itself and its major hotels got hit less hard.

Sorry, I don't have any direct news from travellers who are returning from there. Maybe you can get more news firsthand tomorrow since the airports only recently reopened.

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Tarik, a close friend of mine lives in Cancun, she works for one of the major resorts. She told me yesterday that the hurricane did very little damage to the resort area (the hotel strip), the electricity didnt even go out at all. But, around Isla Mujeres, Playa del Carmen and Puerto ___ (cant remember the name right now) they have gotten pretty beat up, major beach erosion, and a lot of damage to the hotels.

A friend of mine is there right now, she should be fine cause she was staying in Cancun. Another friend is leaving tomorrow and based on her research with the travel agent, everything is fine in the resort areas. You can fly in and out of Cancun no problem but going to Isla Mujeres may be a problem right now.

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Well, main damages were caused in Puerto Aventuras, but things are very normal for the kind of disaster it was!

The landscape is what shocks but government trucks are moving very fast to clean up the places, Playa del Carmen is very ok, we were expecting not to have electricity or telephone services, but in my opinion things were very well taken care of, we never stopped having telephone services, we did not have electricity for 1 day only, and that was due to the terrible winds and rain before and after..., but we went back to normal the very next day.

Inregard to hotels, well it all depends what hotel you are staying at, for some were even used as public shelters so that means they are safe and good places to stay.

Isla Mujeres had also some damage, but I understand things are going back to normal.

you can check all this at, or (the local newspaper)

if you have any doubts please contact me ill be glad to help.