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1. Posted by aquarianna (Budding Member 9 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Hallo All

Just a little question - do any of you have good ideas for preventing/getting rid of prickly heat. i always suffer it (even in the recent English sun believe it or not!) and really don't want it to spoil my travels around Italy and Germany. Hope you can help? Cheers, Anna

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There are some easy ways to keep from developing the prickly heat rash. (I know, I have the same problem!) And some simple things to do if you do develop the rash.

I always take a travel size container of baby powder along. Or, a body powder that contains corn starch - which works wonderfully for absorbing perspiration and keeping you drier. If I can't find a powder that already contains the corn startch - I mix regular powder with the starch at 3/4 parts powder - 1/4 parts starch. (I use the basic corn starch you buy at the grocery store.)

(I like the baby powder because it is usually medicated and will help prevent any infection from starting if I develop a bad case of prickly heat. But, any powder will do - the less scented the better.)

Wear loose fitting cotton clothing to allow your skin to "breathe" and help keep moisture away from your skin.

If you can, cool down your skin frequently - by entering air conditioned places or splashing your exposed skin with cool water. Perspiring "excessively" triggers the prickly heat so cooling the skin as often as possible will slow that effect.

If you do delvelop the rash, hydrocortisone or an antihistamine cream (such as Benadryl) - NOT ointment - applied to the rash will ease the itching. Ointments are oil or petroleum jelly based and will only clog the pores more.)

Taking an oral anti-histamine will help ease the irritation if the rash covers a large amount of skin.

Apply the powder to the affected areas to help keep them dry.

Here are a couple of links with more info:

Prickly Heat 1
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Hope this helps!!!

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That helps me anyway! I suffer a lot from heat rash - very sensitive skin. Will definitely try out the powder suggestion.

Thanks Isa;)

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Thanks very much, I'll give it a whirl! Sounds good, Anna