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Hi I'm from Malaysia. I plan to make a 1 mth overland trip to Austria, Hungary, Romania, Ukraine, Poland, Czech Rep. and then back again to Austria. My plan is from Sep 25 - Oct 25. FYI, this is only my 2nd trip to Europe.

At first, I want to fly inter-city but RyanAir doesn't fly in between these countries.

My questions are :
1. Is this the best time to travel in these countries?
2. Is it possible to make this overland trip in 1 month ?
3. I'm on budget, is that true I just only spend about EURO 30/day?
4. Any suggestion to where I should go. I tend to meet nice local people and view their beautiful life and art (painting, music, streets, architecture) and picturesque scenery.

Thanks guys.

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Hey Pradis,

For some of these distances (ie Vienna - Budapest), travelling by plane would actually be slower than travelling by train. We did that trip (Bud-Vie) last year and it cost about 30 Euros one way and took 3 hours (from memory). If you were to catch the plane, the flight might only take 20 minutes, but you would have to be at hte airport 90 minutes before hand , have to catch the train out to the airport (30 minutes from Vienna I think) and catch some transport into Budapest as well (no idea how far). So, why would you even want to be on the plane, when it will invariably be more expensive?

Re, the specific questions.

1. Probably not a bad time, though could be chilly in parts.
2. I don't think you'll have any trouble making that trip in a month.
3. Not sure what that budget includes (transport? accommodation?), but I'm sure it would be possible if you live cheaply. Don't spend too much time in Austria - it will be far more expensive than the other countries.
4. Budapest is my favourite - be sure to go there!

Sounds like a great trip!

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Thanks Peter, nice to hear from you.

Yup' I will include Budapest in my list. In your opinion, Vienna and Salzburg, which one is better? The budget EURO 30/day includes accommodation and meals.

Ya it's true, I'd waste my time to catch up transport and waiting at the airport, so I decide to make a trip overland. To travel overland, should I take bus or train ? Which one is cheaper and more convenience :)

Thanks for the suggestion.

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Hmm, can't speak for Salzburg as I've never been, but I really quite liked Vienna. I think Salzburg probably offers more of the picture postcard image of Austria though. Personally, I don't think either would be a bad choice. But Vienna will probably be slightly easier/cheaper in terms of transport, just because I would assume you will be flying into there already anyway :)

I have no idea about buses between Budapest and Vienna, as I took the train one way and the hyrofoil the other way (not recommended if you're in a rush / want to save money). Buses are almost always cheaper than trains though, so if you want to save some money, it's probably not a bad bet. On the flipside, trains are usually quicker and in my opinion far more comfortable. I thought the prices in Eastern Europe were generally very good for trains.

Let me know if you have any more questions :)

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Hey Pradis, warm welcome from Ukraine!
As for your questions:
1. Yes, it's quite nice time to go. Maybe if you still haven't fixed you can just move to a bit earlier in September because October could be a bit rainy. But each year is not like previous so hope the weather is to be nice. My advice is only to start from North to South to catch the autumn warm - start from Czech and Poland and finish in Hungary and Romania.
2. Yes, 1 month could be quite enough - you'll see many beautiful places.
3. Hmmmm, if everything (accomodation, meals, transport...) is included ... I'm not sure...
4. Vienna and Salzburg - must see both in Austria! Very different and beautiful cities. 2-3 days for Vienna and 1 day in Salzburg.
Then you must visit Prague for sure. It's perfect and any time is not enough there...
Then I think about Cracow in Poland. I'd recommend Gdansk but it's far North
From Poland is very easy to move to Ukraine - you should stop in L'viv for few days and then see Kiev i think. If you have time to travel to some smaller cities in Carpathian mountains - hope you'll enjoy it.
Budapest is one of my favourites. Very nice in autumn... Small town Eger in Hungary is also wonderful.
But as for Romania... To say the truth I can't say anything good about Bucharest... There are very beautiful and interesting places in Carpathian mountains in Romania so if you'll have time - you'd better go there...
Anyway feel free to ask anything because i've been in all countries you've mentioned

6. Posted by WonderlandT (Budding Member 40 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Thanks Peter, yup I will landing in Vienna :) but I think I shld visit both Vienna and Salzburg, if not I'll regret
What's hyrofoil Peter ? sorry I never heard about it. Your help is much appreciated.

Hello Galina, as I will arrive from Malaysia in Vienna, I will travel to the west,north,east and then back to Vienna again before fly back to Malaysia. Base on your suggestion and Peter's, this is my stops : (I'll be there about 35 days, so many I will spend 3 days on each stop)

1. MALAYSIA - Vienna
2. Salzburg
3. Munich
4. Prague
5. Cracow (or Gdansk)
6. L'viv
7. Kiev
8. CARPATHIANS - Romania side ?
9. Budapest
11. Vienna -> MALAYSIA

a) OK, can you suggest me the best transport to take, any special travel card, and is it OK for me to buy a ticket on the travel day, can you tell me the average ticket price (bus/train)?
b) How heavy is the rain in October ?
c) Which side of Carpathian mountains is the best, I prefer Romania to be in my list :).
d) Is it possible for me to make a stop at Bratislava, POLAND on my way back to Vienna ?
e) If you are the first timer in the region, should you visit Moldova, I mean is there any interesting places ?

Sorry, maybe too many questions for you :) but I believe your guide will help me a lot.

Thanks Peter and Galina.

Wish you all the best.

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Hey Pradis,

a) no special card I know of. regular tickets should do for that part of the world.
d) I presume you mean Bratislava, Slovakia.. Should be easy to stop at on the way from Budapest to Vienna. As I said, we caught the hydrofoil down the Danube to get from Vienna to Budapest. Along the way we stopped a few days in Bratislava and quite enjoyed it. To be honest, I would suggest you only spend two days there and an extra day in Budapest though. It's not a very big city and you will have a pretty good feel for it after a couple of days.

Oh, and sorry, a hydrofoil is a sort of boat, but faster. You can also get regular boats which would be cheaper, but it would take a whole day to get to Vienna from Budapest.

8. Posted by WonderlandT (Budding Member 40 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Quoting Peter

Oh, and sorry, a hydrofoil is a sort of boat, but faster. You can also get regular boats which would be cheaper, but it would take a whole day to get to Vienna from Budapest.

:) I think because I'm getting older, that's why I forget what hydrofoil is. OK, I'll then stop at Bratislava.

I heard that now, Austria is hit by heavy rain and flood. Wish it will be relief soon. Pity them.

Thanks Peter.

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Hey Pradis! Sorry, missed the thread , it's so hot here now... sleeping in the office...
Your trip seems wonderful! You've really chosen very beautiful cities to visit! I would only recommend you to visit also Dresden (I haven't been there by myself but heard from my friends that it's the most beautiful city in Germany) and maybe Berlin - it's not so far from Prague and I hope it's worth to travel there.
In Poland it's very hard to choose betweem Cracow and Gdansk. Gdansk is the port on the Baltic sea - like a small Northern Venice... Very nice small city! But Cracow is the most famous in Poland for its architecture. It's quite small but I think it's necessary to go there! There is also one more interesting place in Cracow - salt mines Velicka - must see! In 600 meters under ground there are castles made of crystal salt! unforgetable!
As for your questions - try to answer some:
a) Sorry, but I can't help you with travel card - I haven't tried this. But there are lot of trains and buses (Euroline) which go even to Kiev. For example I made the trip Kiev-Cracow-Kiev by bus for approx 50 Euro. Regular train Lviv-Kiev costs less than 10 Euro. But I used fast train in Poland - travelled from Warsaw to Gdansk - and it wasn't so cheap - if I'm not mistaken it's about 20 Euro for such a small distance.
b) There's no specific "season of rain" in Europe so it's hard to say if this October is to be rainy or not. There could be few rainy days and then a week of warm sun through the whole autumn season here. But you'll see Europe "in gold" - yellow leaves on trees make cities very beutiful and romantic. So I think that you've chosen a good time to come. Hope the weather will be nice to you :)
c) Carpathian mountains are very beautiful and easy to be reached. But I don't know what advice is to give you... I've travelled around all Carpathian mountains in Ukraine and reached the "peaks" (max 2 km ) and then we've made a trip to Romania by car. We started in Tchervovtsy, Ukraine - then transferred the border and went to see some Romanian abbeys, Sinaya, Brashov, Sigishuara, Bran Castel (the castle of Dracula) and Bucharest. All this trip we made in 2 days - but we went by car and I don't know how to make this by local transport I'll try to check and tell you if I could find some useful information.
d) yes, sure! Bratislava is wonderful city and very close to Vienna.
e) No, not so interesting, if you have time you'd better visit some parts of Carpathian mountains or Crimea peninsula in Ukraine. Or make longer stops in Hungary or Austria. Or visit Northern Germany from the very beginning.
Hope this would help!