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1. Posted by margW (Budding Member 8 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Is it worth getting wireless internet access for a laptop while travelling these countries? Or should I just plan on using the machines provided by internet access venues? Does anyone have any advice for using internet for banking ( ie accessing working account and paying credit card account)etc. while travelling?

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Hi margW,

at least here in Berlin you'll find lots of cafés and other places where you'll have wireless access to the internet with your laptop. But if you do not wish carrying it around you can also use one of the numerous internet cafés (I know they are everywhere in the bigger cities in Germany). They provide a fast access and are almost cheaper than when I use the internet at home (around 1 Euro per hour)!!! Concerning internet banking, I have used it for the past year and never had troubles, you just need to make sure you keep your PIN safe. Hope this helps!


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I would say look at this wirreless internet providers site (more then 18000 locations worldwide) And see if they cover the area you go to visit and base your desicion of that.

here is the link to Boingo



4. Posted by margW (Budding Member 8 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Thanks for the replies - we plan to be a fair amount of time in Spain, a little bit of time in Rusia, France, Germany and Morocco.

We will have the laptop with us regardless of whether we us it for internet access. - using it for GPS mapping, music, language courses, downloading photos etc. One reason for preferring the laptop was to avoid the hassle of unfamilar keyboard layouts - they're don't seem to be standard locations for Enter, delete, backspace or puncutation marks and the mind boggles at the prospect of trying to find my way around a russian keyboard.

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You can access the internet from your laptop for free in the Plaza del Pilar in Zaragoza, Spain. Just sit next to the fountian on the east end near the tourist bus pick-up. I know that there are options like that in other spanish cities too, but not the exact locations.

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Hello MargW,
for wifi hot spots in France, you can visit the website, it has a map and a search tool to check some connexions fo your laptop :

before going in any place, you can phone to the hot spot owner to check if the access is restricted or not... And by the way, keep us informed about your trip and your connexions, i am sure it is interesting for many of us !


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