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I've returned to Los Angeles from a 1 month trip to Costa Rica, and fell nearly in love with the country. Unfortunately, some bank issues here forced me to run out of money ahead of schedule and return home to straighten things out.. Now I have about enough money saved, to return to Costa Rica, possibly travel Panama as well, and survive on a tight budget for one month.


save the few hundred dollars on airfare, and try to survive another month in hectic LA trying to find a job. (bg-I spent the past year looking for work in SoCal, unsuccessful)


find a cheap, decent city within the states to reside and relocate to, and have one month to find a job and make money. I also can work freelance during this time, I've been doing so for years, Graphic Design and Massage Therapy. But where I really want to work is in the field of Massage. I finished school and obtained my license, hoping to find work in a tourist town overseas.. Anyplace warm and sunny, due to healthh conditions.

My question is, well, maybe I can find some advice on cheap places to travel and live for a month on a thousand dollars. Or perhaps people looking for people to travel with, seeing how that usually saves money. Else, just offer your humble advice on what and where I should spend my last month, providing I can't find work and end up on the couch at my parents house someday. :)


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Well, it's good to know you have your parents house as a backup plan :) When I say the title of the post I wasn't quite sure what it was going to be about!

What about relocating to Costa Rica and finding work there? I noticed you ranked Montezuma pretty highly as a top ten beach and can't blame you!!! What about doing massages on the beach down there - Thailand style....

There seemed to be quite a few folks from the US who had relocated down there. In fact, the other day I heard somewhere that Costa Rica has the largest population of Americans anywhere outside the States (or something to that avail....).

ps. welcome to the forum!!

3. Posted by shik (Budding Member 5 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

Thanks Sam, and yes, that is one of my top ideas.. It's easy to survive there on $10-20 a day including rooms and food. I figure if I sold 1-2 massages per day, maybe sold a painting or two to some tourists for $5-10, I could live indefinately and be happy.

I was curious to find out what it was in CR that drew so many people there, most of which ended up moving there for a long time. After a month I knew what it was.. And personally it was mostly the weather, lack of stress, people, scenery, etc... I have some problems with arthritis and skin conditions, all of which were healed within the first 2 weeks of living in that climate.

Why not, I mean, my outlook on life has always been live for now, tomorrow isn't here yet. But I'm finding myself being pessimistic and worried that it would turn into a month long vacation, ending up in the desert on my parents couch in the end. I should be able to just say forget it, its the experience that counts.. It's worth the chance.

being here in the cold and traffic, all I want to do is yell at other motorists, cry at the radio and tv, and drink my days away to dull the cold. When really I should just fly back, this weekend, and relax again.. I dont need possesions, I dont need anything.. just food, sun, and a bed or a hammoc to sleep in.

sorry again for rambling on.. but this seems like a place where I'd find people in similar situations or states or transition.