would you eat the moon if it were made of spare ribs?

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hahah i had to do that, despite the rediculousness
Hi everybody! im Evan- new to this site, i was lookin on the magical internet when i found this site and decided to post my plan. i just graduated high school in South florida and decided to move back to NY with my brother (just graduated college) and we splittin a apartment. so, in like a month im gonna go wander around the NE becuase i want to so bad.
i have like$2,200 saved up and i dont spend money at all, so im gonna take my bike and just go from Ny up across Conneticut to massachusets (boston, mebbe cape cod) and then i really want to see maine so i was gonna cut across lower Newhampshire and get there. ill probably take buses and trains where im too tired or cant get any other way, but i wanna take the personal route most of the way. then i wanna go back down to NJ (got a friend there who owes me a place to stay) and id like to go to pennsylvannia. i know its far but i dont care about sleeping in the woods and i dont really need anything but food/lodging.

ive spent like my whole last 4 years in florida wandering around with my friends on our bikes (BMX stuff) so im pretty used to it, but this is first time full commitment traveling.so im new to it, but i got alotta street smarts and level head about whats out there ( i been to like all the worst parts of miami and nyc and never even cared or realized haha)
dodging cars and riding bikes also has given me into a react immediatley, think later attitude.
so i got wanderlust and i'd like some (constructive) criticism or any tips from other travellers -thanks!

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Hi Evan, Welcome to TP, no criticism here sounds like quite a plan, good luck with it & have a fabulous ride

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thanks for the vote of confidence, fiona =)
btw i heard NZ is very beatiful and rugged, id like to go there sometime. is it very traveller-friendly?

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Your plan sounds great. Traveling can be an amazing experience. Doing so spontaneously can be quite the adventure. My personal experience with spontaneous travel is this ; not everything goes right. Quite often you will be met with obstacles and frustrations. For me the myriad of emotions that one experiences when overcoming difficult situations adds and enhances to the overall voyage. You have to keep an open mind and be a positive individual to make something good come out of something bad. If you enjoy thrills and gambles, "riding by the seat of your pants" is the only way to go. If you are not intimidated by being sidetracked you may just find an adventure you never knew existed, something you will always remember and can never return to. Sometimes the biggest problems make the funniest stories after some time has passed.
Financially you are set, assuming you budget well and know how long your funds will last. Eating in restaraunts will be a killer blow. If you have to, stick to water instead of drinks and don't order desert. Finding a bakery or fruit stand along the road will save you money and add to the fun. Be creative and don't be afraid to eat a lot of pb&j sandwhiches, in order to have a longer trip. It really just comes down to priorities. If you plan on roughing it invest in a good tent. Depending on the season weather can be a burden. Getting sick will ruin any trip. I wouldn't suggest staying in random places in the woods. Just because you have had good luck in sticky places , does not assure that will continue to happen. A lone traveler who is not vigilant can easily fall prey to the vast number of total nut jobs out in the world. There are tons of official campsites that are inexpensive and also offer showers which you will grow to appreciate. A few dollars spent on a site will far outweigh and offset any potential dangers. It's just not worth the risk.
You seem determined , that will help immensely. My one concern is this; you seem just a little over confident which can cloud your judgement. Walking through a bad area at night a few times does not mean you are prepared for all that there is out there. Reacting immediately and thinking later is not always best policy. I have found that making logical choices devoid of emotion are best. I lived most of my life making gut reactions which usually worked out well , however logic always seems to supersede a raw visceral reaction. If you have never had a horribly bad street experience or two, you are still quite naive. do not misjudge luck for experience. I have seen a lot of horrible things and am quite jaded by it. I am not easily intimidated, however it is till wise to use caution and good judgement anyway.
best of luck to you!!!

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Extremely traveller friendly.. as I'm sure many TP'ers will tell you It is also a good place to cycle, a hell of a lot of people cycle round the South Island especially. Also heaps of good mountain biking of course.

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yea im prettymuch fine with eating basic food thats cheap to keep on keepin on. i dont really care to go to restuarants and i dont really require much, so i figure the money will be more than i need. yea id probably try to be wary of where i am when im roughing it and the campsite thing sounds like a good idea too. i most likely am over-confident.i know it, but ill figure it out, learn from what happens , yknow. like i said, i always try to keep a level head on my shoulders and i always try to listen to my "sixth sense," i learned the hard way to listen to that after i got hit by a car like 4 years ago. im not really a logical person, but ill try and keep that in mind with what i do, becuase i know damn well i am extremley emotionally guided person (i tend to feel things before i know them, yknow?) but you probably know alot more than me, so ill try and keep logic in mind. as far as street experiences, ive had alot of crazy shit happen but nothing really involving getting assualted or mugged so ill take your word on it.

thanks alot for all the insight, evilflair, this is my first time so if i can avoid learning a few things the hard way i will.

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Hi STS- Yes I would eat it but only if the craters were filled with BBQ sauce !!
Your plan sounds great and I would like to offer my humble suggestion, if you get a chance to go through Vermont you must see a beautiful town called Woodstock. Postcard beauty and fantastic people and bars.
It is beautiful in the winter as well, if you like the snow and freezing weather.
You'll have a great time, in my opinion N.E. is the most beautiful part of the country.
Have a great time, ED-