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japan..what a country..
i am italian and my country is just famous for the beautiful weather and the tasty food, not for its great chances of a great life...
i`m in japan now, since almost one year and i foud THE WONDERLAND
i never thought, when still was in italy, that was possible to catch the subway at night..you know, a girl alone, in the subway at late night is always the best plot for a scary movie, but here..men, here no one look at you whit bloody eyes, no one talk to you neuther to ask you the way or if u have some money..
nobody scream you from the car "sweet and gentle" compliments about how your bottom shakes when you walk, or how do they want to use your hands.. i don`t kn ow..maybe the girls can ubderstaind better what i mean..of course you can find the maniac who keep looking at you as you`re the last element of the women species on the earth, but i can assure is just one on thousands..
i have to say thea t the subway is the thing that impressed me much, maybe beacuse my city, rome, has just 2 lines, but here, with 30 different lines across all the city long and used fro 12 million people everysingle day, well,i`ve been speachless for awhile!
i think this is the element that better represents japan among everything. tokyo is a city that includes in its borders 20.000.000 people and alost 12mln of them catch the subway to go anywhere. i mean, 12 mln people is a lot of heads walking togetger under the same sky, everyone using the same seats, breathing the same air and sharing with everybody else the same smells but even stinks and, why not, virus. well,i can tell you this, i never been anywhere else that clean, scrubbed,aseptic and unstaind ad the tokyo metro.
in my city just 2 thusands of the 5 mln of the people living, catchthe train and at 10.00 am it starts to stink,with rubbush on the floor..before came to japan to study, maybe i catch the train 5 times in my own life and the reason was beacause i didn`t feel confortable, neither for 3 or 4 stops, and i thought it was the same all over the world, that even the other countries have the same situation and that should be normal..butm here i found out that i was wrong. the public service is a Public thing and people in japan know it, i don`t think in an hard thing to explain to our kids!
see you guys!

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Embrassing...i hope Japanese could act more normally,and government should be responsible for the history and its innocent ppls,after all
i have not a soft spot on it at all.To me,i'd rather live in America than live in Japan,surely i love Switzerland more,lol.(i mean not my country included to say)But one thing i like is its movies,not sex movies,just art movies like<ran>,<seven soldiers> ect.So what a country,i think its a country between the heavens and hells,worst and best,full of fights inside,but seemed very peaceful,if its a man,
i think i can accept,but its a country,sorry,i cannot.Well,maybe its not important what i think,but if i'm still alive,then i will never forget what my grangpa said with tears in his old eyes.And luckily this scene happend all around the dragons.Haha,maybe i will forget when i was in a joy,but after the joy,or when the pain comes to my mind,i can still find it...embrassing...

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wow this is an awesome thread

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I've been to Tokyo last December and have the same idea as most tourists that have ever been to there. Such a clean environment everywhere and everyone is very polite. Ladies are all make up and always show their best image to others. All scenery in Tokyo are so impressed me. Let me not want to go home, and think I have to go there again in the future.

When it comes to something bad about life in Japan, I found that not everyone can speak or even listen to English. If you want to take a visit and not knowing any Japanese, maybe you will not have much fun with local forks. Because they will deny to talk with you in English, even in a very polite attitute. And besides, the high price of anything is also scared me.

Now I am studying Japanese and wish next time I visit Japan, I can speak Japanese fluently and have more fun.

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since i've never been to japan, maybe my 2 cents isn't too worthy, but i really admire them for being so modern and advance in everything, yet their art and culture are still preserved and unspoiled (maybe a little). and they have one of the lowest crime rate in the world.

when i travel, i always ask my guide who were their favourite visitors, and almost all of them said the japanese coz theyre polite and conservative.

i do agree things are expensive there.

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I fell in love with Japan when I visited it for the first time!!!Since I was a kid, Japan was always my dream place to go to and finally my dream came true!It was amazing!!!Tokyo was amazing crazy and surreal...I loved all the neon lights, the quirky fashion sense, the rainbow coloured games arcades and the overall buzz of the city!!!There was an amazing little pastry place right by our Ryokan so every morning we would go for lemon tea and divine multi-coloured pastries!!!They have these gorgeous little pistacio cupcakes with apricot sauce inside!
Kyoto was beautiful, I loved all the temples and Japanese gardens!!!I found the people very polite and almost shy but in an endearing way!My friend had told me before that they would be reluctant to converse in English with you but if you made the effort to try to speak Japanese that all of a sudden this amazing English would flourish from their mouths and it was so true!As soon as you whipped out a couple of Konnichiwa's, they would love to chat and go out of their way to help you!A truly amazing country, I cant wait to go back some day!