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I am heading off for a RWT in Sept I will be spending a month in Malaysia and Thailand then off to New Zealand for 3 weeks and on to Austraila where I will be working (temp office work) and travelling and working on and off. The thing is I am really crap at packing and don't know what I should be packing. I am 24 and I do like my clothes, but I also realise that I need to be sensible. Can some other girl please advise me what I should be packing from shampooo to shoes, I have an 80litre backpack.
I hope that someone can please help me.

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Sounds like a big enough backpack! Okay, I'm not a girl, but here's what I do when I'm unsure. Lay out EVERYTHING I would ever think of taking on a bed and then try and see if it will fit in the backpack. Generally, you'll find it won't...

Then I start systematically elimanating things. Extra pair of shoes, maybe not, extra jeans, maybe not, will I buy this when I arrive, then why pack it etc. Seeing as all the girls I've known love to buy new clothes when they finally hit Australia, it is WAY smarter to take an 80% full backpack, than one that is 100% full. You'll need at least a pair of black pants, some black shoes and a white neat shirt if you're going to be applying for jobs (in catering, an outfit like that is pretty much standard), but you shouldn't worry too much about the pants and shirt if you don't find the space for them. Most backpackers I know just buy them in a cheap place when they get there if they don't have what the job/interview requires. Seeing as you probably already are planning on taking a pair of black shoes and these can get expensive, I'd take those.

Other than that, check out the packing list and packing tips areas here on Travellerspoint for some useful tips and a good starting point when it comes to a list!

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Usually, it's better to bring less stuff/clothes than you think you'll need, as well as more money than you think you'll need...

Don't bring jeans, they are heavy and take ages to dry.

Bring a sports bra - good for hiking!

Don't bring clothes you don't really like just because you think it's a good idea not to "spoil" your good ones - these are the clothes you're about to wear EVERY DAY for a very long time...

Bring at least one dress - it's good to be able to look nice for once, in restaurants and such...

When it comes to toiletries: don't bring everything - you can buy most of the stuff you'll need.

Honestly, the packing list on Traveller's point is really good, have a look!!!