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Hey Folks,

Well yes its one of them days, I have my ticket to Thailand, sold most of my stuff, apart from my pc...leaving London next week...and I am kinda getting cold feet...its not the first time that I have left London, but I guess this time its different as I haven't got a clue how long I will be away for...well Iknow I won't come back. Going out there to meet up with my girlfriend and then just take it from there.
I know you guys don't know me, but I am running out of people to pester with this...
I have a million What if's in my mind...I know I want to go...and yes it will be alright...of course it will be...if not..I will just carry on by myself ..go to NZ or something like that...
Hmmmm I guess I just needed to ramble on for a few moments...
Just tell me that it will be ok...I know nobody knows the situation..but I just like to hear that it will be ok ;)

Well anyways people , wherever you are whatever you do...enjoy and smile!


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Hey Bianca,
Things wouldn't be right if you weren't nervous. That panic, worry and last-minute adrenaline rush is what propels you and makes travel so exciting. If we were all utterly blase (Uni computer wont let me do the accent there) about jetting off to the other side of the world into the unknown then there would be no point going in the first place!
Nothing will make them go away so just try to accept the nerves as part of the whole process and soon you'll be way too excited and having too much fun to realise that they've gone! Even if things don't all go to plan you'll be experiencing new people and cultures and learning from it. One of my favourite little sayings, a sort of mini mantra is by Les Brown:
"Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss you will land among the stars."
Go for it! And Good Luck!. xx

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Lex is right on about the whole nerves bit.

Before I went to Germany I had a bad case of the nerves as well. I was questioning everything. I also dreaded leaving my friends and family behind. I had never been away from home on my own for longer than 1 week at a time at summer camp! I certainly hadn't flown half-way around the world to go study in a country where I don't even speak the language! To make it worse, I was supposed to fly on September 13, 2001- 2 days after the Sept. 11 tragedy happened. For a moment there I thought that it was a sign from God that I wasn't supposed to go! But, for some reason- probably most of it thanks to my close friends and family who kept encouraging me, and my travel partner who was handling it WAY better than I was, I left. Of course my flight was postponed. Here in Canada all the airplanes were grounded on September 11 for security reasons. We also took in many flights that were supposed to land in the US because they couldn't land there. So once the redirected airplanes were cleared out, and then the flights that were scheduled to fly before us were cleared out, then we could go. My flight got postponed for a week because of that. But during that time I was also able to do some soul searching about going to Germany. That helped me tremendously. It turned out the second I walked in the door of my new school I knew that it was where I was supposed to be. I really felt at peace. Those 6 months were the best 6 months of my life so far. I do not regret going one bit.

I'm not going to promise you that that is exactly what will happen to you, Bianca. Of course nobody can predict those things. But, as the French saying goes, "If you risk nothing, you have nothing." At least you could say you did it, right? If it doesn't work out, you can always come home or move to New Zealand.

Well, I hope that helps to encourage you a bit! Good luck!


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Hey Bianca
I agree with the others about that nerves thing and as well the "try it otherwise you might regret it" thing.
before i went to canada for the first time two years ago, i made my family and friends go crazy because i was so nervous. so far, i only went abroad for at longest two weeks or so but never for two months and never across the "big water"! and now i should leave my tiny, cozy switzerland for montreal - no way! but in the end won the excitement about going to a completely other place, exploring a foreign country and meeting new people. well, that wasn't too difficult because i went to a language school - but for you, if you only go there as a tourist and don't have a "real occupation" there, i can understand your nerves drive you crazy!:)
at the moment, i'm in canada again - this time for five months, working as a trainee in vancouver. you see - even if the start might be difficult, all those new impressions and different habits and the foreign culture you have to handle with - in the end, it will be worth trying it! at least that's my opinion...;)
if you should go to new zealand and stay there at least until end of 2006, please let me know, because this is one of the next destinations i want to visit!;)
in every case i wish you a very exciting time in thailand or "wherever your path will lead you" and try not to worry too much...!
good luck,

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Hey Bianca,

That's the way to go, guy! I wish you the best. Going to Thailand is neat, you can stretch your money there. I guess eventually, you will come down to working to make a living. When it comesto that, just make an inventory of yourself. It is supply and demand world. Ofcourse, in those countries, they don't request citizens from UK to have a visa, but you need proof of a departure ticket or enough money to buy one. Ah, why bother with those things now. Just go there and enjoy what Thailand has to offer. I'm sure you won't regret!