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Does anyone know of the easiest AND safest ways into and out of Israel from Egypt and to Jordan? Also, the same applies for getting around Israel!



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To get into Israel from Egypt you just go to the border, there you have to fill out alot of forms. That could take a while.. Make sure you have enough time and don't plan any times before you get into Israel.. Also have you passport ready at all times, you gonna show it like a thousand times!!!! when you get into Israel, make sure you don't have any metal on you or in you handbag. Then you may have to strip....
They also go over your bag to se if you carry any bombs or other chemicals.. If you have an opened bottle they might think there is something dangerous..

It's no problem to take a taxi or the bus in Israel, they are very friendly. Taxi and bus is right outside the border..

But there are some places you shouldn't stay to long or after dark. Especially in Jerusalem, the old city and the Wall, you have to be careful.
There are some touristbusses going to the Deadsea, but also there you have to be careful after dark.

Clothing in Israel is also important, if your a girl.. don't know what gender you are..

Don't know how they do it at the Jordan border, but if you have your papers ok then i don't think there should be any problems..

Hope this helps..

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I was wondering more specifically WHERE are the easiest border crossings?

Flicking through my atlas I see that there are primary roads leading into Israel from Egypt at Rafah & Elat and out of Israel at near to Tayiba north of the West Bank... I can't see any other main roads!

Also, I've heard that gaining entry to subsequent Arab countries may prove difficult if I have an Israeli stamp in my passport. Are border control mindful of this and do they automatically offer a stamped insert in your passport or do you have to ask for this?


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The easiest way into Israel from Egypt is Taba and then to Eilat. Alot of tourists take that way, so they are used to that.

Im not sure about the stamp, and sometimes it can be difficult to get into arab countires with an israeli stamp. But i have some friends that travelled from Egypt to Israel to Jordan and then back to Egypt without any problems..

Hope this answer your question.


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wittak - Shalom from Jerusalem, Israel and glad to hear you are considering a visit to Israel!

The best place to cross between Egypt & Israel is at Taba-Eilat and then to Jordan, in the same area at the Arava Crossing (just north of Eilat). In both cases, you don't need a visa to enter any of the countries (you get it on the spot), though, on entering Israel at either Taba or through the Arava crossing, you will get only a 30-day visa (not the usual 3 months), I think, unless that's changed recently.

You mentioned something about "near to Tayiba north of the West Bank" but of course, there's no crossing to Jordan near there, unless you mean the Sheikh Hussein Bridge which is at the northern end of the Jordan Valley, not far from Beit She'an. That's also a good place to cross to Jordan. The most difficult crossing to Jordan is at the Allenby/King Hussein Bridge - there, you have to go through Israeli, Jordanian and PA questioning AND if you are going from Israel to Jordan at that point, you have to have a visa already purchased and in your passport!

And please do NOT, under any circumstances, try to cross at Rafiah (the northern Sinai at Gaza) - not at this time anyway...

You can certainly ask the customs/passport control people NOT to stamp the Israeli visa in your passport - they'll stamp it on a separate sheet, but keep that with you while in Israel, returning it on your departure. Egypt & Jordan will let you in even with the Israeli visa stamp, but other "neighbors" won't be happy about it and may forbid your entry.

Just so you know, Israel doesn't care what visas show in your passport, as long as you are not a terrorist or intend doing any harm while here (in fact, we let anyone in, unlike most of our neighbors...), and yes, you may have to answer a lot of questions and open your bags and even endure a more "invasive" search, depending on where you've been or how you answer the initial questions. But then, we are the target for terrorists and drug smugglers here and are trying our best to protect ourselves from both, as I'm sure you understand.

IN-ISRAEL TRANSPORTION: the inter-city bus system (Egged) is GREAT with buses going everywhere at regular times for a reasonable price. You can also take "sheruts" (shared taxis) between the major cities. And the train system up and down the coast is very good - though the train from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem is probably the slowest of the line... still, it's a beautiful ride along Nahal Soreq and up through the Judean Hills, even if it now arrives out on the edge of Jerusalem near the Jerusalem Mall (which looks like any other mall, except, of course, the store signs are in Hebrew).

Of course, there are buses within each city, and I use the buses in Jerusalem every day, but that's up to you. There are plenty of taxis and, as always, your feet!

If you are interested in guided bus tours around the country, United Tours and Egged Tours offer daily departures from Jerusalem and Tel Aviv to major sites, including the Dead Sea/Masada, the Galilee and more.

Don't forget to spend lots of time in Jerusalem - the center of the universe! As far as walking around at night - well, I do in Jerusalem and feel perfectly safe... there are areas I don't go, but downtown in the Ben Yehuda Street area, in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City and near the Western Wall are all great places to be at night with lots going on and stuff to do, see and enjoy!

If you are coming soon - the annual International Arts & Crafts Fair takes place this month (17-28 August) in Sultan's Pool in Jerusalem. And there's lots more to do in August in Jerusalem, all over town! For more information, go to:

Meanwhile - have a GREAT visit - Israel is a beautiful country and as safe as anywhere in the world these days (probably safest, given our penchant for good security).

And be sure to write about it here on Travellerspoint, when you get home again!

(tourism consultant in Jerusalem, Israel and Travellerspoint travel helper for Israel)

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Wow! Thanks for that Suzanne!

Do you mind if I contact you again closer to the time for more advice?