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I am looking to travel from Lima to Bolivia via Cusco. All the things I have said mention stopping at Machu Picchu for a possible 2 day tour. I am very concerned as I have read how dangerous it can be and I will be a girl travelling alone. Can anyone give me any advice on where to stop and what to do. Ideally I would like to do the journey in 7 days, is this possible if I fly from Lima to Cusco, train to Pano and then bus to La Paz via Lake Titicaca?

Any advice would be great.

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7 days will be hard. To get to Machu Picu you need to take a train there isnt any other way. During the high season this train is booked almost 3 to 4 days in advance. There are options to get on it quiker by organised tours but they are more expencive.

The train from Cusco to Puno doesnt go every day only 2 X a week I think its much easier to take a bus. There are very comfortable ones (called cama or semi cama) and its a secure way of traveling. Puno can be done in 1 or 2 days.

As for safety. Mind your stuff around terminas and stations. Hostels are quite secure and if you are unsure about the safety situation in a certain place ask hostel staff of fellow travelers for advise.

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I did that exact trip in 2 weeks, though I also hiked the Inca Trail with several days in Cusco on both ends. I would say 7 days is possible, though I would give it more if you can afford the time. Flying from Lima to Cusco is definitely the best option under your time constaints. I took a bus from Cusco to Puno and then from Puno to La Paz; both trips take about a day. The bus I took from Cusco to Puno made stops along the way which I found quite nice, though if you are pressed for time I think you can push straight through. As for Lake Titicaca, you can see it in one day, or you can do a 2 day tour where you stay over with an island family for a night. I did the 2 day and it was fantastic, but again, if you're pressed for time. . .

I might also look into the current state of things in Boliva; I know there have been several update posts in here. Due to strikes and protests, I know that road blocks have made travelling around Bolivia a bit cumbersome. I'm not quite sure what the current state of things is, but it's something to look into before you make your plans.

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I'm almost arriving of the same trip, I did it in two weeks, but considering the days traveling in Chile it took me about 9 days, Inka Trail included and all. It's posible, and I'm a girl and I went alone, it's possible!!

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Does anyone know what one could expect to be paying for the Inca Trail? I was just offered a package of 3 nights and 4 days, all meals included, for $312US. Is that a decent price or could I find cheaper?


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I paid US$300 for the same trip