Malaria threat in Manaus??

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I am going to Brazil end of August for 3 weeks travelling - we will be in Manuas for 2nights and I have heard conflicting messages about malaria risk here?

Can anyone shed any light please?

Also does anyone know any good cheap places to stay here as we are finding it hard to find a place here...


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There hasn't been a case of malaria in that area for about 7 years I gathered when I was there...I didn't take any malarial prophylactics (wow thats hard to spell!! ) when I was there but I think most people do...

good luck!


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also...there's quite a few good budget places around the port, the one I stayed in is in the lonely planet


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No problem if you stay somedays in manaus !

If you have a trip on rio negro or rio amazonas and sleep outside for some days, i suggest you to do it, may be you didn't get it but you could get it.

For sleeping there are a lot of places don't worry it's a big city and you can choose when you arrive there.

Have a nice trip !!!


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thanks for your replies - I am off to the doctors to ask.....the tablets are a lot of money so don't want to take them if not really needed....not sure we will have time to actually go into the Amazon but do want to see the rivers meeting - but that will be a afternoon maybe safe?

Any other advice on where to go and not to go would be great...we have planned our trip around visiting the folliwing places.
the falls
travel coast road and check other areas out on the way
back to rio
San Paulo

Can't wait!


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You've got a great choice!! anywhere along the northern coast is pretty you can rent dune buggys and chill out and also there's a lot of surfin
I can highly reccomend Jerricoacoara and also Lencois the national park (actually there's two,) the one in the north near Belem is great for sand dunes etc and salt lakes its lovely looking.
After that on your way sounth I can definately reccomend Olinda, it's a really laid back chilled out destintion with funky little cafes etc, thats just on the outskirts of Recife (which is a dump btw) but if you go don't miss the sculpture museum on the outskirts can't at this point remember the artists name but its worth a visit hes like Brazils national artist...
the Lencois in the south east is also worth visit, it's a 6 hour bus from Salvador where you can take 1-3 day treks up to Brasils highest waterfall, its hrd work but soooo rewarding,
In Rio don't miss the Chilean steps, 210 mosaiced steps its so beautiful!But there's loads to do there especially the weekend street parties in Lapa.

Definately make time for Iguacu its fantastic and if you do get a chance to go to the Pantanal (better wildlife to be found than light Amazon trekking) definately take it!

well hope that helps a bit if you didn't get bored after the first 500 words
If you need anyomore info like Hostels or prices etc etc please feel free to message me

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thanks, that is really helpful and i didn't get bored of reading it, glad you took the time to write it all down for me! I have read a few things saying that about Recife...I will steer clear of it then and go to Olinda, thanks for the tips.