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1. Posted by kuschi (Budding Member 11 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

We are travelling to the USA in July, We are arriving in New York and want to travel to San Fransisco taking in the sights as we go along.

We have three months and dont know which tour to take, we will have our own wheel and are looking for any ideas.


2. Posted by eazeliff (Full Member 23 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

Hi Kuschi - Your question is too broad to answer simply. Damn, you are to be envied. You have your own wheels and three glorious months to explore the wonders of America. Whatever you do, unless you happen to be in a hurry to get between two points, stay off the usually boring Interstate Highways and take seconday roads. Research the National Park and State Park wesbsites. You don't say what interests you, but there is a wealth of wonderfujl parks across this country. Stop in any old State Park, hopefully camp out, or at least make yourself a nice picnic lunch, swim in the lake, walk the nature trails. Stop in small obsbure town, look up things like country fairs or church suppers. Not everyone care for this idea, but attend church and be outgoing. If you're from another country, you just might get a nice invitation. The possibilities are endless. DOn't just go to major parks and attractions - go to lesser visited places. Do not eat in McDonald's - eat in local cafes, chat with the waitresses. The route - you have the luxury of an unvconventional, indirect, crazy ass routing that nobody else ( except me ) would do. PLease private message me if you like.

3. Posted by UK (Budding Member 33 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

Wow - what a trip. I envy you as well.

I'd recommend you start by listing all the places you have heard about in the USA and then find them on a map and see which ones link together.

My personal recommendation would be to see what you want to see on the East coast and then fly across the great plains states (mile after mile of flat country) to Denver (edge of the Rockie Mountains). Given the time you've got you could then do the Black Hills of South Dakota (Mt Rushmore) Wyoming (Devils Tower Yellowstone Grand Tetons) Down through Colorado And Utah (Canyonlands Arches Mesa Verde) into Arizona (Monument Valley Grand Canyon) Back up to Utah to see Bryce and Zion before hitting Las Vegas (Nevada) Into California (Death Valley Lake Tahoe Yosemite Sequoia Los Angeles up route 1 to San Francisco.

You can find out a little more about all of these places via my routes page

Have a great trip :)

4. Posted by aimsuk (Full Member 112 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

me and a friend did nyc to san fran in sept last year. we only had a month, so we didnt see some places as much as we wanted to. We had a month greyhound pass, and travelled overnight to save on accomodation. the route we took was nyc, niagara falls, chicago, memphis, dallas, albuquerque, phoenix, LA, san francisco, grand canyon then back to nyc. some of these we just stayed at a day, had a wander round, then got on the greyhound at the night to go to the next broke up the bus journey, rather than travelling for days on end. you have a lot more time to explore different places. i know you will have a great time!

5. Posted by IMonaghan (Respected Member 431 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

I can help with good routes and such, but like others have said, post the places you want to see for sure up here and I can help you fill in the gaps and give you some good highways to take.

6. Posted by kuschi (Budding Member 11 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

Thanks everyone for all your help and encouragement.

The places we would like to see are - New York - Obviously, Niagra Falls, Memphis, Florida (to do some Sky Diving and Flying!) Grand Canyon, apart from tht not really sure what is available in between.

We are looking into to hiring a Camper Van for the Duration but if anyone has any better ways of getting around any ideas would be appreciated!!

Thanks again


7. Posted by Cessna150 (Budding Member 12 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

Head down to your local library and see if you can find a copy of "Blue Highways" by William Least Heat Moon.

Keep in mind that this is a big, big place. If you get too ambitious, you will spend way more time behind the wheel than having fun.

Another note: If you do wander off on the secondary roads, a great way to find interesting local restaurants, sights, parks and the like is to stop at a small town library or museum and ask there -- they offer honest advice and usually know their local area extremely well.

Mike in Miami

8. Posted by IMonaghan (Respected Member 431 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

Ahh, a road trip, my favorite way to travel. If I were your hired guide then I would suggest the following route. These are almost all places I've been to and had a good time. For actual highways to take you around you could try, they are pretty good for USA route maps, but will give you the most direct routes, usually on main Freeways.
OK, here goes, what I would do on my 3 month road trip.

1. New York City – Downtown Manhattan… Times Square, Museums, Brooklyn Zoo
2. 225miles. Boston Mass. – Old Harbor.. Site of the Boston Teaparty, Downtown Boston,
3. 475miles. Niagra Falls. NY – Niagra Falls
4. 200miles. Cleveland Ohio – Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Amish Country,
5. 345miles. Chicago Ill. - The Naval Pier, Downtown Chicago, Museums, The Chicago Aquarium,
6. 300miles. St. Louis, MO – St. Louis Gateway Arch, Gateway Riverfront area, Daniel Boone’s Home
7. 250miles. Kansas City Ka. – Not sure what’s here, but it’s on the way.
8. 375miles. Sioux Falls S.D. – Old West Ghost Town/Museum, Medical History Museum
9. 375miles. Rapid City S.D. – Mount Rushmore.
10. 550miles. Aspen CO – Popular US ski mountains, but tons of outdoor activities in the summer as well, in beautiful surroundings.
11. 450miles. Lake Powell UT – Boat Rentals, large and clean man made lake great for a swim or water skiing, or just sunbathing.
12. 350miles. Las Vegas NV – Las Vegas Strip(Casinos, M&M Factory, Coke Plant), Hoover Dam
13. 350miles. San Diego CA – Naval Base, San Diego Zoo, Theme Parks(somewhere in the area), Wild Animal Park, Beaches
14. Tiajauna Mexico (Bus from San Diego) – Classic Mexican Border Town, interesting to see if you’ve never been before.. Lovingly called TJ by the locals.
15. 450miles. Sedona AZ – Just an awesome town, great nightlife, great people, can’t go there without having a good time.(No I don’t live there)
16. 175miles. Grand Canyon AZ – The Grand Canyon, Donkey Rides into the Canyon
17. 450miles. Tubac AZ – Small Artist town in Southern Arizona. Nice atmosphere, nice weather. San Xavier Mission(a recently restored historic Spanish mission, with some amazing artwork)
18. 25 miles. Nogales Mex.- Only go here if you didn’t make it to Tiajauna, or if you really liked it.
19. 500miles. Carlsbad NM – The Carlsbad Caverns(some large natural caves, interesting place)
20. 450miles. San Antonio TX – The Alamo, The old governor’s palace, the River walk.
21. 550miles. New Orleans LA – Really fun city, especially during Mardi Gras, The French Quarter
22. 400miles. Talahasee FL. – Again, not sure, but it’s a gateway to the rest of Florida
23. (various distances) Orlando, Tampa, Miami – The major spots in Florida, I like Miami, but everyone has their own favorite spot.
24. 500miles.(from Miami). Savannah GA – A charming southern city, that hasn’t gotten too “big cityish” yet
25. 375miles. Chatanooga TN – I hear it’s a fun town
26. 350miles. Memphis TN – Hey now, you’re the one that wanted to go there.
27. 500miles. Asheville N.C. – Great, scenic Mountain Town with a good nightlife, on the way to the East Coast
28. 425miles. Virginia Beach VA – A popular East Coast Beach, a nice town to relax in for a few days.
29. 200miles. Washington D.C. – Lots of great museums, the white house ( if it’s open) US Government buildings, Lincoln Memorial, and much more
30. 150miles. Philadelphia PA – Historical City(in U.S. Terms) The Liberty Bell, Home of the first Continental Congress, Great Museums, Home of the Cheese steak.. Sorry it’s supper time here.
31. 100miles. New York City – Great trip, but it’s time to fly home.
Sorry for the super long post... but it is three months after all.

9. Posted by Volume904 (Full Member 14 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

Def. check out Chattanooga TN on the way and Atlanta Ga.
I posted pics and reviews of a couple of places on my website.