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My boyfriend & I are planning to travel this summer. We haven't booked anything yet. We have a handful of places we both want to visit in Europe & finish off in Asia. We're traveling for 2 months (May1st -July 1st).
We want to visit:
London, Rome, Paris, Spain, (Morocco if time & money permits) and finish off in Thailand.

Since the majority of our time will be spent in Europe do you think it makes since to try & find a cheap ticket to London & buy a Eurorail pass OR book one of those 'around the world' tickets w/ all the cities I listed as destinations??

In terms of acccomdations... Should we book hostels ahead of time or just winging it when we get to our destinations??

Thanks in advance for any info. anybody can impart.

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The answer depends, I guess, on your likes and dislikes and on budgetary considerations. If you fly to London and travel through Europe by train you will see more of Europe outside of the big cities, but you'll still have to fly to Thailand. On trains you meet more people, can be more spontaneous, takind side trips on a whim, but planes might give you more time in big cities, if you prefer that.

You might also want to research the budget requirements for both options. Since you travel before the main tourist rush, you may be more flexible in booking you accomodations ahead of time. It might be advisable, though, to book your first night in London and/or several fisrt nights (in planned destinations) to keep you somewhat disciplined in following your itinerary. :)

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Not quite sure where you're travelling from and the round the world fare didn't sound necessary until you mentioned Thailand. I am assuming you are travelling from North America.

Once you land in London you can travel to Paris and Spain and Rome by air so cheaply but you need to book ahead. Go to easyjet.com or ryanair.com. You also don't get penalised for booking one-ways.

Are you sure you want to do Thailand in the same trip? (since all your other destinations are in Europe) Obviously going to cost you a lot more to add that one on, but it is CHEAP once you're there.

You can take the Eurotunnel (the Eurostar) from London to Paris. I advise - so much easier. Book in advance as much as possible. It's 2 1/2 hous from centre to centre. It might be cheaper to fly though but then you have the pain of checking luggage and trying to get to and from airports (and the expense of that).

You can do all your European travel bookings online. Keep in mind that the airports in London are Gatwick, Heathrow, Stanstead and Luton. A lot of the cheaper flights go out of the latter 2 so something to remember when plugging in destinations. The latter 2 are just as easy to get to from central London as the first two.

Personally? I would opt for Europe first and do Thailand on another trip, if you're trying to cut costs. That way you can see ALL of Europe, get that train pass you mentioned and you can really VISIT the coutries. For example Rome is nice, but Venice and Florence to die for and Sardinia is nice if you want a beach etc. You could see them all!!!!

Again, personally, you can't go to Thailand without really getting off to the islands and that takes time. I would pair that with a trip through Malaysia. Maybe start in Singapore and work your way up. Great trip, I've done it.

Best of luck. I am a Canadian living in London and I am happy to help if you want to email me.

Take care,

PS - Never been to Morocco and don't ask me about hostels. I'm afraid I have never stayed in one! But you're probably on the best site to find out about them.