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21. Posted by kenner85 (Budding Member 15 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

London: YES but as said you have 2 spend a good amount of time in London to see the whole place

Paris: If you have not been before GO! Maybe 3 or 4 days will do

Bordeaux: Well I have friends there so it was a must for me to travel there, but if not I wouldn’t have bothered.

Barcelona: Loved the place and well worth a look. YES GO!

Marseille: Maybe a day trip and head to Nice for the night!

Monaco: As I said stay in Nice and then you can do the day trip down to Monaco, it was a 30min train ride, and one you will not forget

Lyon: Nothing special

Geneva: I went on the worse day as it was Sunday, and everything is pretty much shut, nothing outstanding, not cheap either

Bern: Can’t say anything about Bern as I have never been there

Zurich: Same as Geneva, if you really want to go 2 Switzerland go, if not don’t worry about it.

Milan: I really enjoyed Milan but if you are going anywhere in Italy it has to be Rome

Venice: Spent a night there, it’s amazing but only needed a night there.

Vienna: Lovely city with a wealth of culture, maybe 1 or 2 nights at the most

Prague: Cheap and becoming very popular, really different and would spend 2 or 3 nights there depending on time limits maybe even longer.

Munich: Only spent the night there, as you are doing I moved around a lot and didnt spend heaps of time in the one place, I enjoyed it a lot. YES GO!

Stuttgart: Nothing out of this world.

Frankfurt: Have not been.

Cologne: Didn’t go there

Berlin: AWSOME - LOVED it and spent 4 nights there and loved every minute. It’s a must.

Hamburg: Not that good.

Amsterdam: OH another must! Don’t need anymore then a week in Amsterdam.

Brussels: Only spent the night there before heading to Paris again, lovely city and would have loved to stay longer. Great Beer!

Also a place to check out when in the UK is Edinburgh.

22. Posted by mirandaben (Budding Member 12 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

At least four or five days in Prague, Barcelona and Paris. Those were my personal favorites. You can see Venice in a day (it's cool to see the city itself, but not a lot to do there unless you have a tonne of money to blow) I stopped there on the way to Slovenia, and maybe you could stop on the way to Prague? Also, if you base yourself in Marseille, it's easy to hop over to Monaco for just a day trip, which is all you need for that. I haven't been to Milan, but have heard it's not that great of a place unless (like Venice) you have a lot of money to blow and are seriously into upscale shopping. And also Amsterdam, you don't really need five days. I'd say three to four would be enough.
Hope that helps!

23. Posted by wplemon35 (Full Member 45 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Gelli and Kenner85, I can't thank you two enough for taking the time to do an awesome breakdown of my trip! Thanks everyone else for your input also it was all used and this is what I have come up with. (Please remeber that this is a tenative list and daytrips and unplanned stops will occur to smaller cities/towns along the way. Such as Amsterdam to Haarlem)

[*]Amsterdam (4 days) [with a day-trip to Haarlem]
[*]Barcelona (5 days)
[*]Bayonne (2 days)
[*]Berlin (5 days)
[*]Bern (1.5 days)
[*]Bruges (1 day)
[*]Brussels (2 days)
[*]Cologne (1 day)
[*]Geneva (1.5 days)
[*]Hamburg ???
[*]Heidelberg (1 day) [I must be there on 3 June b/c of a firework show]
[*]London (2 days + 1.5 days) (arriving + leaving)
[*]Luzern (1.5 days)
[*]Lyon (2 days)
[*]Nice (3 days) [with day-trips to Monaco, Cort D' Azur, and Marseille]
[*]Munich (3 days)
[*]Paris (5 days)
[*]Prague (4 days) [with a possible day-trip to Ceske Krumlov]
[*]Salzburg (1 day)
[*]Sttutgart ???
[*]Venice (2 days)
[*]Zurich (1.5 days)

This should include enough time to travel via Eurail (I can't rent a car, nor afford it). This is a rough list, just to give me an idea. This is also in alphabetical order by name of the city. I need to now consult the Eurail Map to see if this is possible.

Also this is all pending on me having the money to go. =(

24. Posted by wplemon35 (Full Member 45 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

With the above list it seems like I have an enormous hole in Germany. Is there not that much to see/do in Germany or is the country just that massive?

So how does the list look?

I have 262 days left!!!!

25. Posted by steff (Travel Guru 1162 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Quoting wplemon35

With the above list it seems like I have an enormous hole in Germany. Is there not that much to see/do in Germany or is the country just that massive?

Your list looks great and you can definitely look forward to an awesome time in Europe! Hope you can sort out things with your travel buddy before you hit the road .
The only thing I didn't get is what do you mean with the enormous hole in Germany? There's quite a bit to see here (would go to Hamburg, if you need advice on it pm me, I'm happy to help) and the country is big, though wouldn't say massive ;).
Happy planning ahead!

26. Posted by wplemon35 (Full Member 45 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

::Calling it as though I was a newpaper boy on a street corner:: TENATIVE CALENDAR, READ ALL ABOUT IT!! ::End of goofy impersonations!::

May 8 - Leave Philadelphia International Airport
May 9 - Arrive London Heathrow
May 10 - London
May 11 - Paris
May 12 - Paris
May 13 - Paris
May 14 - Paris
May 15 - Paris
May 16 - Bayonne
May 17 - Bayonne
May 18 - Barcelona
May 19 - Barcelona
May 20 - Barcelona
May 21 - Barcelona
May 22 - Barcelona
May 23 - Nice (w/ daytrips around local towns)
May 24 - Nice (w/ daytrips around local towns)
May 25 - Nice (w/ daytrips around local towns)
May 26 - Lyon
May 27 - Lyon
May 28 - Geneva
May 29 - Bern
May 30 - Interlaken
May 31 - Luzern
June 1 - Zurich
June 2 - FREE DAY (built in buffer for overstays)
June 3 - Heidelberg Fireworks show in Heidelberg on this day. Only shown 3 times a year
June 4 - Munich
June 5 - Munich
June 6 - Munich
June 7 - Ceske Kumlov (Maybe)
June 8 - Prague
June 9 - Prague
June 10 - Prague
June 11 - Vienna
June 12 - Vienna
June 13 - Salzburg
June 14 - Regensberg
June 15 - Berlin
June 16 - Berlin
June 17 - Berlin
June 18 - Berlin
June 19 - Berlin
June 20 - Cologne
June 21 - Rotterdam
June 22 - Amsterdam
June 23 - Amsterdam
June 24 - Amsterdam
June 25 - Brussels
June 26 - Brussels
June 27 - Brugges
Unplanned Time
July 2 - London
July 3 - Depart London

How does it look??

27. Posted by Gelli (Travel Guru 2457 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

A couple of ideas:

1. CRUCIAL!!! Get yourself a copy of the Thomas Cook Rail TT (or sit using - there's an English version as well) and see how viable some of your journeys actually are, and how long they will take. As well as what sort of routeings and cahnges you have to make. As your going in the future, don't take it as gospel, but just have a look.

Some nights you will probably loose to Night journeys unless you intend to do it all by day, and in which case, you will loose a number of days from your itinerary. And some are awkward either way
For example, Bayonne - Barcelona is between 9 and 10 hours by day via Irun (i.e. you loose an entire day sitting on a train), whereas currently - and depending when you go things may well have changed -by night you have to spend 4 hours in either Narbonne or Toulouse between about 1 and 5 am. That may be fine by you (i've spent nights on both, but i'm kind of stupid), but you may also not want to.

I'm not saying to change your plan, but it may be worth adding in odd places just because of logisitical reasons. For example, San Sebastien is great fun. And a night there menas you could go Bayonne (Irun) San Sebastian/Donostia in the afternoon, spend a night and next day there, and then get the night train the following night

In addition, look at a map! Preferably a rail one, and in conjuction with the timetable. That way you will see that certain parts of your route have no logic at all. For example, Cologne - Rotterdam - Amsterdam - Brussells is crazy unless you need that order for a specific reason. And if you are going back to the UK on Eurostar, swapping Brugges and Brussells would make sense as well, and save backtracking. Cologne - Amsterdam - Rotterdam - (Antwerp) - Brugges - Bruxelles is logical for the train and time taken.

I would also suggest reworking the section between Heidelberg and Berlin for logisitical (and cost) reasons. At a quick glance, i'd say Heidelberg - (Frankfurt - to change trains, but if you give yourself a few hours to look around, that addes another of your old ones to the list) - Regensberg - Munich - Salzburg - Vienna - (Ceske Budejovice, where you change for the bus to Ceske Krumlov. The train takes forever, the bus 30mins) - Prague (by bus, or back via C Bud) - Berlin would make more sense. Regensberg is the trickiest one to fit logically in (or works fine if you leave out Salzburg. In which case, H - Munich - Regensb - Vienna and as above), but easily doable.

But its early days yet, and you've so many options and otehr places you could add etc that i'm sure it will change completely!

One other idea. If Heidelberg is the only fixed date in your time, look at timings for clockwise as well as anticlockwise (with the bonus that you end in Paris, a great highlight) which may work out easier. It might not, but there's nothing to loose by having a gander that way as well.

28. Posted by wplemon35 (Full Member 45 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Thanks for the book/site reccomendation Gelli. This is actually just what I was needing!

I will consult that, the maps I have already and my city list.

29. Posted by robbiechef (First Time Poster 1 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

And ya didnt have Ireland on your list...

Have you any idea what your missing out? -snip-

[ Edit: sorry, no emails in the forum please. ]

30. Posted by wplemon35 (Full Member 45 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!


I would absolutely love to go to Ireland, and further explore Great Britain as well. However, I simply cannot afford to jump across yet another 'pond'. If you go to this website you will see that I broke up Europe into different sections and Ireland is seprate from Mainland Europe.

;) I will get to Ireland, just not this year.