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China-take a tour or do it ourselves??

Travel Forums Asia China-take a tour or do it ourselves??

1. Posted by kenmc (Full Member 80 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Hello, my girlfriend and I are hoping to visit China towards the end of next year, probably october/november. We were hoping to do the trip on our own, but the travel agency suggested Intrepid tours, as the language barrier will be such a problem (she says). Does anyone have any advice to the contrary? also, any suggestions for must-sees en route from Hong Kong to Beijing??
Thanks in advance.

2. Posted by jinxin (Budding Member 12 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Hi Kenmc

I am form Shanghai, for my opinion the language barrier is not a

porblem in HongKong Shanghai and Beijing.

for you trip I suggest you can spend 3-4 days in the Hongkong.

that's really enough for the Hongkong. And you can go to the Beijing

by train. that is most efficient way. for the Beijing you can spend

1-1.5 weeks.

Don't go with the local travel agency because for my opnion they

only want to you go to the shopping. for me only go alone with map

then you can see whatever you want. Also for the shopping. Alone is


hope you have a nice time in China.

if you want to get more detail information just ask !



3. Posted by kenmc (Full Member 80 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Thanks Jin,
What we were thinking of doing is something a bit like this:

would you think that this would be a good introduction to China? How easy would it be for us to do this trip without a tour group??

Thanks again

4. Posted by jack24_dxh (Budding Member 17 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

according to your condition, i have some advice.first,i guess it's your first trip here in china,and you have little idear about China,and maybe you two truly want to go some unique places ,if you go with the travel agency, if may save some time to understand the history of china,and the translator must be professional both in chinese history and languages.and next time you come here,you can travel on your own.second,i have checked the trip map of the travel agency's offered, to be honest,places you were going to are really attracted to foreigners ,even to chinese .like Yangshuo Emei Shan
Xi'an, i definitely will go there. im in chengdu,i plan to go to Emei Shan next march or april,xi'an is a capital of ancient china,it's worth visiting

have nice day

5. Posted by jinxin (Budding Member 12 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Hi Kenmc ,

I look the itinerary I think it's ok for you. But only one point is

not good the trip that is cooking school.only my personnal opinion.

Before you start your trip you need make some detail contract for

your own

I think you wil be have nice trip in China.



6. Posted by stanzou (Budding Member 5 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Hi Ken,
Personally in my opinion,i dont consider the route as the best,sinc
e it neither concludes Tibet nor southeast area like Shanghai,Zhejian
g Fujian Jiangsu ect.And look at the cities in the route,Guilin,Xi'an
,Emei are famous as a travel place,each4 own reasons,Chongqin and Chengdu are typical capital cities in the Middle,which to tell the truth i dont very look forward,(For sure they are very nice,but maybe
i'm a Chinese,not very interested in them,thats just very personal)and Yangtz River is very nice,u know its the Mother River,and also very great scenery,then about other places,i'm not very familiar,because they are not very famous to me.But if i'm a foreigner,with the knowledge of a Chinese my at by least now,i will first make sure the different types.Beijing,Shanghai,Hongkong,Taiwan
are internationally famous large cities;Beijing,Xi'an,Nanjing,Hangzho
u(many dynasy,so that many ever nation capitals,but this four being capitals is most often and most famous)they are historical,Hangzhou,
Suzhou,Sanya,Guilin,Tibet,Moutains like E'mei,Wu'yi,Huang,Heng,Tai, Song,Yandan,another Heng,Tian,and some lakes like West lake,East lake,Thin East lake,South lake(no north one,lol),Tai Lake,of course West Lake is the most famous,and South Lake is historical,but not sure the most beutiful,just leave the prints where ever many famous people admires and leave poems(because always beautiful scenery are in many places,i sugguest u should try to google and ask,untill u find where u really decide to go,i think westlake is as famous as Great Wall,it could means a lot,but some places like Tibet or Taishan(Tai mountain) may be really deep into nature.Also u can see if its the World Nature Relic recognized,they are not easy to be wrong.);and
after these traditional suggestions,i do really think,if ur emotional
or sensitive,u can choose a complete different way,or besides,like getting into some not very well known but also very wonderful places,
and also many choices like that,for instance Tibet i mentioned,also Xinjiang,Neimenggu,Zhouzhuan(Water Village,like in a dream,not a VENICE,very traditional and Eastern like),Tian Lake(very mystic),and
Silk Road is also a very nice choice...So i do really believe,if u wanna have a tour to China like to other great country,a perfect plan earlier made is very necessary and important,and u must should know clearly whats the feature in different areas ,what kind of travel life u exactly need,and possible to realize,after all if u put ur heart into ur plans,i'm sure u will get a great result,that is most unforgettable days u ever had.So just do take care.