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Hiya all travel companions,

When one goes travelling and they are a backpacker, whereabouts do you leave your stuff? Obviously, for the most part, you'd take it with you, but for a day trip etc, can you usually leave your bags secured at hotels/motels/hostels etc. I'd heard that many of those secured luggage bays at stations etc have since been removed due to terrorist concerns. Just checking whether this is fact or rumour.

Tam! :-)

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Hey Tam,

The locker thing depends where you are. Virtually all lockers in UK stations were removed in the early 90s after a spate of IRA attacks. Now the only stations you can leave stuff are a couple of the major central London ones and one or two others, but here you leave it at a left luggage office (normally at an extorionate price, and each piece of luggage costing more, unlike a locker) and they go through Xray machines and scanners to ensure nothing in them. In most of Europe/parts of CIS, all main stations and many smaller ones still have lockers you can use relatively cheaply.

Most hostels etc either have a luggage room &/or lockers &/or space in the reception to leave stuff where it will be watched as well, often free for people that have stayed there. Although many of the luggage rooms aren't really secure (any guest can go in and out or ask for the key) i've never had a problem there.

Having said that, I never leave anything i can't afford to loose in such places (generally even including lockers), and if people want to steal my bag containing dirty clothes and extremely smelly socks, they are perfectly welcome - It would save me the hastle of having to fumigate or burn my socks when i get home anyway

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Most hotels are safe enough to leave your bags in the room, when you go out for the day. Valuable items often can be checked with the hotel for free. Some hotels, I've been to, have a paid metal safe deposit box in the room. If you arrived at an airport and have a few hours to kill, and want to go to town, you can check your lugggages at the luggage storage counter (prices vary), until you come back to catch your next flight.

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Thanks guys, great to get your take on this.:)