Are you happier now than 5 years ago?

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What an excellent thread .......... certainly made me reflective of where I was, how I was, and where and how I am now. I can honestly say I've grown as a human being enormously. In 2000 I was in a secure relationship aiding and abetting a career minded lady but by 2003 I'd ended it because we were repeating behaviours I experienced in my former marriage. On top of that I suffered a major flood in my house which lead to me being seriously stressed by some disgraceful behaviour from the very people who should have helped me. And, I entered into a legal battle with a pub who were churning out some abuse of their own. Today the pub has been silenced and I won my compensation from the insurance company in full and my house is almost back to its former glory. I am now a giant compared to how I was and proud of my acheivements. Thank you for the opportunity to take stock and value my efforts.

Thanks MatureMan. Well done on your endeavors there. May the force be with you!

I totally agree. I must say Abbytaxi, you've come up with some really good threads here in TP. Great to have you!

Awwwwwwwww..... (feeling the cloud 9)... thanks guys! Each one can come up with a really good thread here because you people are smart, alive and sensible! By doing this, I am receiving the pleasure of hearing each others thoughts. And that's definitely great! Kudos to all!