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From Australia to England By Land and sea

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1. Posted by anglosurma (Full Member 106 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

hi im jon ive been in oz for 2 months and plan to leave around january 2006 i have a flight booked and everything but i really cant stop thinking about an adventure travelling from the north of oz in to south east asia to western asia and back into europe all by coaches n trains taking around 3 months , has anyone heard of anyone doing this or maybe done it? im really curious.

if anyone can help me on this it would be much appreciated thank you.


2. Posted by spencer23 (Budding Member 23 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Get the book by a guy called Peter Moore-its called "The Hard Way Home" He does the same trip but he starts in London and comes to sydney. He is able to get all the way to East Timor but there is no way to get to Australia from East Timor by sea unless u can organise the journey through a sea freight company.

If i was you I would fly into Jakarta or Singapore and work my way up from there.Go up through Malaysia by train into Thailand up to Bangkok. Look Around Thailand then you have to choose which way to go from there. Either up through Laos and into China across to Tibet and into India or go on the Orient Express through Russia(which I think costs heaps.)
I think the trip is possible but will be hard to do in 3 months without flying sections. Also getting visas for some of the countries that you have to go through maybe hard (Iram, Pakistan etc.)

Its worth a try though just do heaqps of research and make sure you have enough cash to fly part of the trip if things go wrong.

3. Posted by Gelli (Travel Guru 2457 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

The only bit which isn't easy is the bit out of Australia. Previously, the only ways were to get on a freighter, or work on a private yaught. Some friends of mine actually succeeded in getting the whole way from Uk to Sydneny by land (and although i'm not exactly going direct, thats kind of an aim of mine as well), so it is possible.

However. Since then, the Ghan and railway to Darwin have opened, meaning that there should be more freight going that way and more connections north (or at least, possibilities) from Darwin. I even heard runours of a weekly ferry (to Bali) that would start at some point, but tht was a while ago.

But there certainly hasn't been any scheduled surface transport from Australia for a good while, and the only way you can do it using scheduled is to go a completely different route, and that is tricky (you get one of the infrequent i.e. 2 a year boats which serve some of the random small islands). But by paying your way on a freighter (easier than it sounds), or on a yaught/private boat, it's perfectly possible.

Good luck