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Yo yo,
Am heading to Latin America in December for 3 months and am keen on doing some volunteer work probably in Nicaragua or Costa Rica dont really know of any organisation that are involved in this. (Except for Australian Volunteers International which costs about $4000 do to for 6 weeks........why so much).

Anyway, if anyone has some information about any of these organisations that are a little more affordable, and are possibly involved in animal and forest conservation, or society and agricultural development, please let me know...



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I hope this might help you;
1)Go too the "top of this page" and click into "links".
2)Go too Travel Site by Tropics.
3)Go into Work and Volunteering.
The other extreme is to do a google;volunteer work Central America
Lots of Luck and have a great trip.
al de bes

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Why not look into the Bruce Organisation; http://brucenet.net
They have locations in Central and South America - and cost about 10 times less than the one you quoted.

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No cost except your bus fare to our site at Masaya...your room and food, our local friends can keep you occupied days or weeks from painting to construction to teaching English and Comouter skills, and we'll mail you a DVD if you hurry from the USA..the co ordinator will be in Nicaragua after Dec. 8th...www.cindurma.org/

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Good idea! I am heading to Costa rica to save turtles in May 2006 via Global Voulenteer network. It cost me about 2K aussie dollars for 3 months including food & accomodation.
Check them out via http://www.volunteer.org.nz/costarica/

You should also try www.idealist.org web site they have volunteer jobs all over world.

If you end up in Costa Rica same tiome drop me a line...I'll be spending a month travelling the country after that then heading to South America for a few months

Intrepid A

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There is a directory of Free and Low cost volunteer OPs
here www.volunteersouthamerica.net

As the name implies it mainly lists south (not central)
american countries, but there are a handful of decent programs
in Guatemala which is close to where you are looking,
If you can commit for a decent stint, e.g. 3-6 months plus,
you should be able to volunteer with no fees and obtain
no-frills basic accommodation.


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Keep up the good work stevemc