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Something worth fighting for....

Travel Forums Off Topic Something worth fighting for....

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Oh MY!!!!!!

I find it interesting that the police only recovered 3 of the 500 missing cases of beer!!! Was that before or after they loaded up their police cars with "evidence"???

Isa goes off to check with Beerman to see how many cases fit in a crate.

South African Breweries acquired Miller (US):

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Uh, OK, erm.......RIGHT, my area of expertise.......(no, not running off with illicit beer...)

180,000 crates is equivalent to 180,000 cases (crate = case). To put this in a bit of perspective, it would take 130 full size semi trucks to carry all of it. It takes me almost 12 brewing days to make this much. If you and 3 friends EACH drank 1 case a day, it would take the four of you 123 years to drink it all. This is assuming that they were 355 mL bottles/cans

This kind of thing has happened here in TinyTown USA before. Our Production Manager's brother drove a beer truck many years ago, and one day, drove under an overpass that was a bit too low. Peeled the roof right off the truck. Every drunk in town appeared virtually out of thin air. Nearly skeletonized the truck and the brother.....