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My whv was approved!!! I leave in less then a month i cant wait!
I was wondering about taking a trip to the outback to see uluru and stuff. I will be in sydney on the 15th, then i will be going straight to cairns after about a week. Is this a good time to travel to the outback, will it be crowded, should i try to book my tour in advance. Is it best to go from cairns or sydney. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Well done, that's fab! Enjoy your trip, i have just received comfirmation of my room bookings-i've got 6 weeks till i go and i'm on a high, i had to let that out-but i am of no help to you at all-sorry if i got your hopes up! lol!

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Hey Mike

its great to hear that you are going to be visiting Australia soon. You've picked one of the best times of year to visit the outback- summer can be extremely hot and the nights in winter can often get pretty cold, so around September/October is the best time to visit. If you are going straight to Cairns from Sydney then you are probably better leaving straight from Cairns rather than travelling back to Sydney, however if you have a little extra time and some spare cash, head over to Darwin in the Northern Territory to Kakadu National Park, which is absolutely gorgeous, and then you can head almost directly south to Uluru.

If you want to do the outback on a tour, it is probably best to book in advance, because it is one of the more popular times to visit, and some of these tours will include flights etc. However, if you can make your way to Alice Springs then i believe there are some tours which you can join in there. Its probably best to just search on the internet and see what deals are available before you leave so you know what your up for. Have a great trip. Let me know if i can help with anything else


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Thanks for the info elyse, it was helpful! I know what you mena lil j, maybe i'll see you there. good luck have fun and thanks again!!!

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if you are going to go as far as kakadu you should go across the highway to Litchfield National park as well - i preferred it because unlike Kakadu you can actually swim there. Kakadu has crocodiles so it is forbidden to swim in the water.
Litchfield has amazing waterfalls and swimming holes and you can camp in both camp sites and in more isolated areas.
i cant rave highly enough about it - we camped in an area where we were by ourselves with a mini hot springs type water hole and if we followed the river there were mini cascades.

You def need to book in the outback cause when we went to uluru we were lucky to get somewhere to stay in sept/oct - i think we were the last people they let in to the accommodation area for the day we arrived.
if you read bill brysons book 'down under' he had to drive all the way back to alice springs from uluru because there was no accommodation and there is no where else you can stay - you cant just camp on the side of the road.

this is a bit incomprehensible tonight - sorry - im going to make the excuse that i am tired (and at work...)