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1. Posted by hannahs (First Time Poster 1 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Hey guys,

I have got my working holiday visa conformation through. But what do I do?

I am flying into Sydney on the 19th of Sept but there is so much I want to experience... but I have no clue where to find it!

Thrill-seeking is why im going out there as well as to get away from the everyday bore of the same routine.

I am 18, female and going on my own with just a visa and a ticket. (although I will stop off for a quick hello to my cousin and to sleep off the jet lag)

HELP!!!- it has only just dawned on me... I dont know where to go, what to do and how to do it.

Is anyone else going to Australia around this time?

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I just got my visa approved and booked my flight to sydney on the 15th of sept. I plan to stay there for a week o r so and then go to cairns and work my way down. I plan on doing an outback trip, a reef trip, whitewater rafting trip, bungee jumping and whatever else i can find. this is all available from cairns. Do a couple of internet searches to find things, and i will also post some websites i found, if i can still find them. Where are you flying into?


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Hannahs, once you land it will all become very clear. Pre-book some accommodation before you land so you have a starting point. Once you land you will meet many others all weighing up their options, and you will meet many others who have just returned from travelling. There are also many travel agencies dedicated to helping you decide where to go and what to do.

Happy travels

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outback trip is one thing u must do (best done from adelaide heading north thru the centre of australia), barrier reef u cant miss either. its kinda cliche but sydney harbour is pretty. as far as nature/bush walking all that sorta thing, tasmania is your place, i rate it very highly. all travellers i know have said byron bay is good fun (i personally havent been there) but when u meet other people and stuff u hear what they have done/doing and u pick up extra ideas. on a holiday u can never not have fun. but crank internet and just search random stuff and youll be surprised what u can pick up on as something to do/see.

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Stay in hostels-that way you are bound to meet people and by the sounds of it the staff at most hostels arrange tours etc. so they will be able to arrange something for you or tell you where's best to get some info-this is what i am hoping, i'm arriving in Sydney on 3rd Oct. I am also going it alone and am going to do whatever takes my fancy when i'm there.

I've also been to the library and got some books out just to give me some idea of what to do and where to go-this has helped.

I'm sure your'll find lots of info everywhere and have things sorted! GOOD LUCK AND ENJOY!!!

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I will be back in Sydney on the 13th September. I have been out here 9 months now and will have just got back from my east coast trip. So if you fancy meeting up for a chat over a beer then send me a message on here!


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I am going to Australia at the end of this month for the second time, I went first last year. I did what you are doing last time and it worked out really well I found work everywhere (when I needed it). You should have an awesome time but remember how big it is. As for work you can find adverts in magazines doing all kinds of things and often people come into hostels looking for workers - so stay in hostels would me my tip aswell. There are some really nice hostels aswell like the one in the centre of Sydney and Melbourne.

First thing to do when you get off the plane get a Tax File Number and open an Australian Bank Account (This is easy to do in Oz) because a lot of employers pay BACS - Then when you have done that take a trip acroos the harbour to Manly Beach or a trip out to the Blue Mountains because that is one thing Australia is rich in Flora and Fauna. Good Luck.