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I was wondering if my plan is unrealistic. I am an ignorant American hoping in February to move to Australia, get a job, and housing for a short-term to long-term stay. I do not have tons of work skills to offer the country. I have been in the restaurant buisness for 5 years (Mostly Outback Steakhouse, which will probably discourage most restaurants from hiring me, lol) and have done various retail jobs and minor construction/painting.
I have heard that the job market is very competitive unless you have a college degree(which I don't), but I would maybe pursue that while over there.
I guess i'm just wondering if I have any shot of picking up and moving there successfully. I would save up a considerable amount before hand incase it doesn't work out, but I still don't feel all that confident that it would go smoothly since I know so little about how to go about this plan. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank You!!


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Here are a few websites to get you started:

www.liveinaustralia.com for long-term

www.bunac.com for a 4 month working holiday visa

The second will be easier an easier hill to climb, but I believe that Americans can only obtain 4 months in Australia without actually going for citizenship. I could be wrong about that, and hope I am.

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If you want to find permanent residency in Australia, cooking qualifications would actually be quite highly regarded. If that's the kind of work you're interested in, it may be a worthwhile angle to pursue. Once you have permanent residency, you can stay as long as you like.. and after a few years of that, citizenship isn't hard to achieve.

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Thank you all for your advice, and suggestions. They are quite useful!