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go for it....go for it.....just go for it
It says all. It appears you have the right age, right motivation and right goal infront of of you. But one little advice just make your parents understand the whole thing and then leave. Explain them what you want to achieve now can't be done later. Everything else can wait.
Good luck and all the best for the RTW trip.

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Go when the time seems right!
My husband and I are in our mid fifties and have recently come back from a 7 1/2 week trip to Europe,taking in 8 countries. We were going to wait till 'retirement' but a financial advisor we saw about investment convinced us to go NOW.....before we can't go(ill health or other more dire!)So we spent the money on a trip instead of being "safe" in retirement!I did a lot of planning(because I was the slightly paranoid one) and that paid off. We had THEmost sensational time -THE time of our lives.Wouldn't have missed it.This cautious traveller now wants to do more! Our two 20something kids urged us to go and they looked after the finances,our house,etc so we had nothing to worry about while we were away. The least we can do now is to let them loose too when the time comes.
The benefits of travel far outweigh any downside.
Good luck!
Aless in Australia

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Ok, would like to update about my situation...mum showed her first sign of support after we have been traversing 'cold war' for almost one month from the date I posted this thread.

She suddenly came into my room and showed her few photos with her nepalian colleagues who will be returning to their country after Chinese New Year in January, 2006. She said she'll soon make a meet-up for me and her friendly Nepalians. I sensed her appearence was as gentle as a sheep and as kind as an angel that night...

Mum, I love you!

I am waiting for any buyers to buy my house at the moment...can't just leave away with that big stuff left with my brother (pity him!)...will proceed to next step if the house is sold out...(C'mon and buy it..sure I'll cook once for the one who buys it...)

Just had my father told about my plan...he just stood still and said nothing...he is a typical Chinese man...

For the time being I am very sure my plan will be moving on...a great strong feeling arises...it's unexplainable...and thanks for Dave's postcard from Cambodia...it's an inspiring gift!

Go!Go!Go! (my insurance is going to lapse next week and I do not care about it,huh!)


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Glad to hear that. I hope your both your parents will believe that you don't mean to leave them, but just living your life and reaching your dreams while you're still young :)
(I know exactly how you feel!)

I'm happy for you, Lee. Good luck!

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Lee,don't let your dream die off.If you decided on anything ,no rushing. but don't wait for so long ,See for yourself how ,and when to start if everything ok then you go,go for a period of time ,coming back then going again, in whatever way you can do .Your parent also will be proud of you. discuss with them ,you will have no problem.Kalau senang boleh kena teh tarek.

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Quoting Mohd anuar

Kalau senang boleh kena teh tarek.

Waaa.... I miss teh tarek! I like it and drank it a few times when I was in Malaysia. Saya suka teh tarek :) And it was pretty fun watching it being prepared.

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yay, lee!! i'm happy for you too!

zags, i miss teh tarik too! it's so expensive here in london...and you can hardly find it..so now i make it myself at home!!

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mum showed her first sign of support

Thats just what I wanted to explain you in my earlier post. Parents are more mature than us..If you can explai them properly they will always be with you...sometimes we don't have the patience or the sensitiveness to explain to them what we want.All this time your Mum was just testing your mental stability and the guts. Anyway she doesn't want her child to be get harassed or be in trouble ,when he goes out to face the world all alone..
good luck....