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Hey Everyone

My friend and I are going travelling for ten months next year and need to get backpacks. I have been overwhelmed with the seemingly endless lists of brands, types, designs, shapes and sizes and about all I am certain of is I need to make sure I go to a shop and have one fitted.

However, I would like to learn a little more about the various backpacks available and was wondering if you kind people could take a few moments just to pass on a few pearls of wisdom on this very subject . For instance, in your experience, which brand is the best? Should we go for a toploader or a convertible? Are 'Womens' backpacks really a lot better for women or are they all much the same? What features are the most important? Are there any other items, along with our backpacks we should be thinking about? I've heard of these special money belts that go under your trouser waistband - any good? What sort of security options are available regarding packpacks? And possibly most important, what must we absolutely, positively, make sure we don't get?

Just a few random questions I've come up with to get you all started!

Seriuosly though, any help whatsoever would be greatly appreciated!

Mant Thanks


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[i] Hey Jax my names matthew and I'm having the same problem your having i'm thinking in investing in a oakley pack but there is a good web site that rate all types of backpacking equip. its its really useful with tips of hiking and other reviews for boots and such.


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Hi Matt

Thank you for the site. I really appreciate it. I'll have a good look through this weekend!

Good luck for your trip! ;)

Many Thanks


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i would definitely recommend a womens pack for a female - women have different body shapes and hip shapes than men, are generally smaller and narrower, also have boobs that straps go around.
shapewise go for tall and thin rather than short and squat, better for your posture cos the weight remains closer to your spine.
sizewise, as small as you can find. seriously. don't be looking for much bigger than 50/55 litres. it's all very well having loads of stuff, but ya gotta carry it.
most important features?? personal preference to an extent, but i'd say the fit of the bag to your back is number one priority. no point having the lightest/waterproofest/biggest/shiniest bag if it hurts you to carry it. the hip straps should take about 70% of the weight, it should be the first strap you tighten up, then the shoulders.
a waterproof cover is handy to have. tie on points/compression straps are handy to have.a zip section that divides the bag into 2 inside is handy to keep clean/dirty things apart.a water pouch is handy to have.loads of things are handy to have, its up to you to decide how much you would like them.
oh one other thing. dunno where you're going, but i'd stay away from any back system that has loads of complicated bits, fixings, connections etc that could break and be hard to repair.
hope this helps...