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Hello there. I have been plannin on travelling to OZ on a working holiday for quite a while now. I have been saving and planning but I can't leave until november (when I turn 18) so I havn't looked hard enough into all the details of the visas. I was re-reading up on the WHV and it says it is STRONGLY recommended that I have a passport at least 6 months prior to applying for my visa. Having such a late birthday (November) and wanting to go before the price of flights double (December) I don't have a large window for recieving my Visa after applying (about 2 weeks). Well, my question is, has anyone heard of or experienced any problems getting a visa because they haven't had their passport for long enough?? It seems like it shouldn't matter to mcuh, as passports are only valid for so long anyways. If anyone could give me possitive or negative confirmation on this, as well as how long it took others to recieve thier visa's online. This would be very helpful to me. Thanks for readin'


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Are you sure it didn't say that your passport should be valid for at least six months from the date that you apply for your WHV or from the date that you plan on entering OZ?

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Its not 6-months before. They only care what happens when you apply and after this. Your passport needs to be valid for at least 6-months at the time of application. In simpler terms (and I am in no way suggesting you are simple) if you applied 1st November 2005 your passport must be valid until at least 1st May 2006.