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Im looking to volunteer for a couple of months in either chilie, bolivia or peru in february for a couple of months. I was either hoping to go for turtle conservation as I have done this in greece or volunteering working with street children or something along those lines. I was basically hoping that someone might be able to recommend me a cheapish volunteering ops as all the ones I have looked up seem really expensive! I also have very little experience in speaking spanish but i intend t learn before i go.
Thanks loads

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Try www.volunteerlatinamerica.com as reading its info it does not charge for volunteering!!!!!!!!!!! and in some instances you will be paid.
TEFL abroad always pays so it might be worth doing one of their courses here and then going South/Central America.
Try links at top right hand corner and go Student Travel and Gap Year Directory and their is lots of Volunteering but some are expensive.
Wishing you well and enjoy the travels and the tango
al de bes

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Hi my friend, how are you??? In Perú is necessary volunteer for working with childrens, old people, hospital, schools, no is necessary you pay for help, i thing, if you help people then i can helpyou.


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I can personally recommend a volunteering placement at a reserve called La Hesperia in Ecuador. I have just finished a one month placement here and had an amazing experience. You can get involved in a conservation work as well as community development work, etc.

I would reccommend that you arrange any placement directly through the reserve / organisation you choose as you will find it much cheaper plus your money is much more likely to go toward helping your chosen project. I believe that La Hesperia charge approx. $400 per month including all food and accomodation, although I paid a lot more through a large British based company.

If anyone is interested you can send me a message and I can give you any information you require. Alternatively, you can take a look at the website www.la-hesperia.org.


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Hi there,

pm me if you´re interested in a position in Bariloche/Argentina (I know it´s not on your list ;)

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Hi, my name is Constanza, I am Peruvian and have lived there for most of my life but have also lived in countries such as Romania, Brazil and the U.S. due to education. The story is very long as to how I got connected with this magical place, but let me lead you to Hogar Villa Martha in Pachacamac, Lima, Peru. Volunteering there is the best thing you could Ever do. They of course do Not charge you a single thing. You get housing, food and basically storage for free. Why do I say storage, because a lot of the people who volunteer there also mix it up with travelling, so, for example, you would volunteer four days a week, live with the children, and then three days a week lets say you wanted to go to Macchu Pichu, or Cuzco, or Nazca, or Huaraz, Arequipa, Ayacucho. I know these names sound foreign to you, but maybe soon they wont. I am actually in the process of planning out an elaborae detailed description of this community service project, but until I do that, I thought I should let you know about this fabulous opportunity. Hogar Villa Martha, they will pick you up from the airport (you'd pay the taxi back of course), and their website, which is in both Spanish and English, is this:


Please go, it is free and the website is actually fantastic. There are children from ages 2 to 18 approximately. About 170 children, brohers and sisters who come from various troubled backgrounds. Not speaking spanish is really not a problem. I have volunteered there for a long time and although I do speak about four languages, in my time there I have met people from: Canada, U.S, Australia, Argentina, Spain, France, Germany........and most of these people didn't speak spanish. The key is love, and your spanish actually gets better just by speaking with the children.

When one volunteers at a foreign country, it is good to mix it up with travelling, or else it is hard to say you actually go to know the country.


This volunteering experience could change your life. It certainly changed mine.

Shine bright,

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