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1. Posted by DirkvdM (Budding Member 14 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Over at Wikipedia there's a rather fierce discussion over whether there is a personality cult around Castro. A major point this hangs on is whether images of Castro abound in public life. So my question to anyone who has been to Cuba is how many posters and statues and such you've seen of Castro. And streets named after him and that sort of thing.

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Hey! I dont remember any posters of Castro, but there are lots and lots of posters, signs and things with Che Guevara image or name.. Quite interesting, I didnt notice that before!

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don't expect them to be genuine - all arranged by the state/ruling party apparatus.

who would admire it's own dictator - unless you are into masochism

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My wife and I spent about 18 days in Cuba in April this year. Very few posters of the Bearded Tyrant, but lots of posters of Che and Carlos Fiengueros?, another hero of the Revolution. The fact that both these heroes died in the 1960's helps the dictatorship no end, as their existence during the struggle gives old Fid some lingering legitimacy.
Che would go apeshit if he saw what he has become, a personality cult guided by the Party and a valuable source of tourist revenue with the Che kitsch you can buy. Hats, posters, t-shirts, etc.
Interesting country to visit if only to experience the last so-called farternal (Freudian slip), peace-loving, progressive socialist country in the Western Hemisphere.


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I was in Cuba this summer and I honestly did not see ANY poster, statue, or picture of Castro, and no streets named after him. As many have already said, Che and Camilo Cienfuegos is more often seen in the general street scene. I didn't feel there was a "cult" around these, though, not more than what we have around famous people here in Norway or other places in the world (just think about Elvis, or Michael Jackson). When people said to me on beforehand that I'd see a lot of political propaganda everywhere - well, I did, but that was expected, what surprised me the more was that I saw almost even more "propaganda" about friendship and solidarity, painted everywhere. Not the worst thing to promote.