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I am a 24 year old student from the Bay area of San Francisco in California USA. Traveling to Europe has always been my dream and this year it seems it will finally come true. I plan to stay with hosts from and some hostels because I am on a short budget. I plan to buy my plane ticket within the next couple of weeks. I have never been there before and would like to see as much of Europe as possible. I heard budgeting about $50 dollars a day is enough to get you by. Let me know if I am wrong on that.

I am looking for a travel partner or travel partners to join me or meet up with me while I am in Europe. I plan to land in England then head down south to France, Spain, Morocco (time and $$ permitting), Italy, Germany, Holland, Amsterdam and any other countries in the way.

A little about my self….. I am an athletic person who likes the outdoors, history, and travel (seeing the world with its great cultures). I am a student with an Architectural Engineering Major. I am originally from Central America from a small country called El Salvador. But I have been living in California since I was 3 years old. If you have any tips, suggestions or just want to meet up in Europe please advise me. In my trip I plan to see the landscapes, Museums, Hiking, I really would love to go see the places where battles from WWI and WWII took place. It will be fun.

If you have any tips, suggestions or just want to meet up in Europe please advise me. Or if you live in the USA and would like to join me then your more than welcome to.


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Hello Oscar,

I am a 21 year old student and I backpacked europe last year with a friend. If you are planning on budgeting 50 dollars a day you will be ok, but you must realize that europe is expensive and you will not always be living the glamours life. Hostels, although at times may "appear" to look unattractive, but trust me they are the best way to go. A quick question for you...when you say 50 dollars a day, I hope you don't intend on that being your transportation too. If you have not considered that yet you should. There are many Euro Rail passes available that may fit the kind of trip you are looking for. Trains are fast and comfortable (most of the time), but even if you do get a train pass expect some extra charges ontop of that that you may not be ready for....such as reservations on the train even though you may already have a pass. I did pretty much the same trip as you are planning in 3 months, so the trains were the best way to go since I was covering a lot of ground in a short time.

As for looking for somebody to travel with I would be there in a second, but I am planning a second more challenging trip to Asia, but trust me when I say this, you will meet so many people, not too mention half of them will be from california. I only mention that b/c I am Canadian, and it seemed that I was either hanging out with other Canadians or Californians.

The only other advice I can give you is once you get there is to listen to other travelers. They often have excellent advice on where to go and what to see. Try not to spend too much time planning exactly where you want to go, flexibility is the key to a relaxing trip.

p.s. A must buy before your trip is the "Lonley Planet" book. It will be called "Europe on a Shoe String". It will have valuable hostel info, phone numbers, things to see, and maps and it will probably save your ass once or twice when you are in a costs about 40 canadian, so it cant be more than 30 $ for you.......enjoy your tip man, if you need any other help just post it on this thread and I would be more than happy to help.

Scotty J

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Hi Oscar,

You are currently a student, yes? You can get a student discount card then called an ISIC card. It costs about $10-15 and it gives you tons of discounts on museums, attractions, hostels, and so on. Read the little booklet they give you and pay attention! It's valuable. You don't have to be going to school overseas to get one. Being a student in the States qualifies you as well. It also doubles as a peice of ID. In the States you can get an ISIC card at any STA travel or Council Travel. I think STA has another student card, but I am not sure so you would have to check with them.

Have you booked your flight yet? If not, you can probably get the student discount offered by most airlines. Go to a travel agent that specialises in student discounts or ask at your school about how to get a cheap flight for students (many universities have this info because of student-exchange programs and whatnot).

I disagree with Scotty about just being able to make it by on $50 a day. First of all, you will be staying with globalfreeloaders much of the time and so you will have free accommodations and many free meals because of it, saving you a lot of money. Second of all, Spain, Morrocco and Italy are quite cheap countries to travel in. The more expensive ones are France and Germany, though Germany isn't too bad. Holland is a little cheaper than Germany. BTW, in Amsterdam you can buy a bike off the streets for about 5 euros (I've heard) and save on transportion costs a bit. All the locals ride bikes everywhere. Hardly anyone drives. I don't think you should have a problem. Thirdly, being American you are (I am assuming) budgeting $50US a day, instead of $50CDN a day, which I think Scotty may be thinking in? As you know, the American dollar is worth significantly more than the Canadian dollar so the exchange rate shouldn't cost you as much.

Scotty is dead on, though, about needing a eurrail pass. Trains could seriously eat up your budget. I tried to travel in europe for 3 weeks without a eurrial pass and I am sure I spent a good $600-$900 on transportation! Don't make that mistake! If you have a eurrail pass, you should be fine as far as budget is concerned. Just remember to enjoy yourself and don't worry too much about money!

Oh, and a little tip: don't use the washrooms in the Paris train station because around the corner is a table with a lady/man sitting at it that you won't see coming in who will charge you 10 french francs (It was $2.50 CDN with the exchange rate) for using the washrooms! In France, McDonald's is your best friend- free washrooms!

Have a great trip! :)