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I will be travelling around all of Europe in March '04. I'm an Australian born Chinese.

I have tried to do some research about racisim in Europe but haven't found much.

Any advice or information would be greatly appreciated.


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I don't think that you have to be afraid in Europe more or less then in other places of the world. For your own safety just behave like elsewhere, meaning ask regional people where to go and where not to go. Be alerted at night. Don't go to wrong locations and so on and you'll be fine.


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Andy is right. I went to a small boarding school in a small town in southern Germany for 6 months back in 2001-2002. There were only 100 students attending the school and they were from 14 different countries, including the Americas, Africa, and Asia. The "worst" thing that happened to any of them (I was deffinately in the majority because I am white and have German-born parents/grandparents, so I fit right in. Obviously I wasn't the target of hate crimes!) because of their race was a wierd/surprised look (it was such a small town that the post office closed down after the first semester because it went out of business!) because I guess it was a very caucasian neighbourhood, so seeing an African guy walk down the street suddenly was a little unexpected. In bigger cities it will be like any big city anywhere. People will probably not even blink- much less commit a hate crime! The only place I have heard of racist/prejudiced crimes happening in is Prague, Czech Repulic, but not against Chinese people. It has to do with ethnicities within their own culture. I'm not sure if it is still happening, though. The best way to find out is to consult travel advisories and stay in touch with current events in the places you are planning to visit. Don't worry, Europe is a pretty safe place to travel. You should be fine :)


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LaForge / Bluewaav,

thanks heaps for the info. - it been invaluable:)