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Hey I'm driving from NJ to Boston next weekend (Sep 9th). Does anybody know of any good bars or good bands that are playing around the area or just interesting things to check out? Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thanks…

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As far as interesting stuff to do in the city, here goes:

1) Boston Harbor Islands
2) Visit Quincy Market
3) The Freedom Trail
4) Boston Common
5) Boston Tea Party Ship

As far as nightlife goes, I know more about clubs than bars. Here are your options for that:

1) Avalon
2) Roxy
3) Club Matrix

Hope this helps.

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hey there,
I know i sent u a message but just to help out anyone interested:

The best part of the city i think is Central Sq. in Cambridge (there's a red line stop on the T called aptly, "Central Square")

Its on MAss Ave - the main road thru the city North to South. The Middle East Bar has two floors that has the best music from Local jazz and rock bands upstairs with good veggie food and local beer and downstairs is a great rock venue - check out listings in the Boston Phoenix (www.bostonphoenix.com) for upcoming events. The club is on the corner of Mass Ave and Brookline street - further down Brookline you wil find TT and the Bears - another great place for live music - mainly Indie. Also In central heading north towards Harvard is the Phoenix Landing - irish bar during day and during the week nights great spot for local dance music - last i knew:

Tues - Hip Hop
Wed - House
Thur - DnB

Also behind Starbucks across the steet - the Field Pub is a cool Irish bar - very lively on the weekend. going the other way on Mass ave, towards Boston is Asia - a Indie rocker bar hangout.

Allston is another great spot for bars - over run with students, but if u can wade thru the beer and puke on the streets go to the Model, another indie rocker hangout (on Cambridge Street) right next to a wonderful Vegan restaurant called "the Grasshopper"

ok, Nightclubs
My opinion the best one just closed, Manray, but if u must get ur dance on try Lansdowne Street in Kenmore Sq.
Avalon Club is ur typical superclub, glowstick crowd with world class Djs - www.avalonboston.com
next door to avalon - Axis - bit grungier with a cool saturday nite 80s theme.

DONT go to ROXY! (Theatre District) terrible meat-head crowd equipped with ETards and Girls with fake tans and glitter mess all over their face. the place stinks of sweaty extacy and lost dreams.

Matrix is way to pretentious and Euro trash for me, but to each his own.

ahh, hope this helps, i gotta go, this took way to long.....

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We visited Boston last year September for 3 days and the best way to get a really complete look of the city and harbour is to order a voucher ticket from OLD TOWN TROLLEY TOURS OF BOSTON; It's much cheaper when you do this and you print your voucher and give it to the driver/guide on the trolley.Paul