Has anyone ever travelled overland Cape Town to Cairo?

Travel Forums Africa and The Middle East Has anyone ever travelled overland Cape Town to Cairo?

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Hi I would love to hear from anyone who has travelled from Cape Town to Cairo overland - I want to do this in the next year or so, so any help and advice would be brilliant - If not would love to hear your stories. Many Thanks

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I've once read a book about a woman who CYCLED from Dakar (Senegal, west-coast) to Dar-es-Salam (Tanzania, East-coast)on her own. 17 countries and 15.000 kilometres in two years. It must be some stunning experience.....especially the African people are unbelieveble hospitable and friendly (despite their poorness). So I guess it must be possible to go from Cape-town to Cairo. It must be an experience you never forget. You need some mindpower tough. Especially to survive public transport and African roads. You need to have a patient character, I think!!! What countries do you want to visit on road? Be aware of political unstabil countries....

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I remember reading a book similar to this sometime ago and I remember thinking at the time ( I was very young ) that it was inspirational stuff - it may well be what stirred my interest in making this trip - in fact Thankyou for the reminder I am going to go to the library and get a copy of this book and read it again. There is an organisation that specialises in this trip call the Africa Overland Network and they plan the route and organise the transportation I don't know how popular this is but would really love to hear from some of you good people who have done it. I am very excited about the African continent and like you I have heard similar tales of the friendliness and warmth of the people despite the poverty - I also will be taking plenty of camera film.

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Its funny i have just finished reading a book were the autor does the same trip!!!!! The book is written by Australian travel writer Peter Moore and is called Swahili for the Broken Hearted. The route he takes is South Africa through Lesotho and Swaziland on to Zimbabwe-Zambia-Tanzania-Zanzibar-Kenya-Ethiopia-Sudan-Egypt! It seems very possible to do, the only problem he encounters on his travels are getting a Visa into Sudan so make sure you organise that.

Get the book and read it though.Peter Moore has a website @ www.petermoore.net check it out. You may even be able to email him and get some advice!!!!