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I am heading off in October 05 for a month and a bit to first go on a Contiki tour in Hawaii, then spending about a week on a cattle ranch in the US west, then taking a Trek America tour from LA to LA encompassing San Diego, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, San Francisco etc, then possibly on NY for a few days and maybe take in Niagara Falls. I think I am camping off and on with the Trek America tour, so I am getting geared up with a backpack for the first time in my life - probably a Karrimor!

But my dilemma is what footwear to take given I will be on a cattle ranch horseriding for a week, but also heading to the Canyon and maybe other national parks. I don't think we will be doing long hiking treks but I am guessing I will still need comfy footwear with decent grip and maybe a thick sole, but not too chunky so it fits in the horse riding stirrup!! Will a trainer/sneaker suffice or will it not be enough protection on the feet???

Plus, I was thinking of buying some open toe sandals to also take along, the trekking variety for hot days - will this be necessary during October in Hawaii and western USA?? I am guessing for NY it will not be and will need to bring a 'going out' pair of shoes at least for the whole trip - you all know what us women are like!!

Anyway, if anyone can provide any tips or advice on the footwear, that would be most appreciated!!


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If you can manage 3 pairs of shoes, well that's ideal. In Hawaii, San Diego and LA (even Grand Canyon) I would say that sandals/flip flops are a must. Beyond that, you could probably get by with a pair of sturdy "trainers" as a secondary pair of shoes. If you want to go "clubbing" in NY or LA you'll need something a bit on the nicer side. If you just want to go to bars and you're not too fussy, you should be able to get by in flip flops or your trainers. Females can get by with nice looking sandals just about anywhere in the States though.

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Footwear in Hawaii! Flip flops is about ALL you wear here. When I go hiking, I wear regular sneakers.