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Anyone got any advice on using cash cards in Quito. Heard some rumours some banks make double the actual withdrawal to what is received. Be grateful for any advice and which banks to avoid.

Also need some advice on dentists in Quito…. need some dental work and heard its quite expensive in Ecuador
Is the standard of dentists comparable with Europe and does anyone know good dentist in Quito?
Thanks, T

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I have been in and around Quito for 6 weeks, using the cash machine more often than I should, and no problems so far (touch wood). Hope this is a help?!

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Haven't had problems with cash machines. If you "shop" around you'll find that some charge more or less for a withdrawl, anywhere between US$1 and 2.

I'm going to the Peace Corp recommended dentist on Sept. 7 for a no frills cleaning. Don't have the address with me right now but will post new reply when I get back to the Internet. A cleaning is $30, a little steeper than others, but at least he's recommended.

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Hi again,
As I thought a bit more about what I wrote about the banks, it occurred to me that I have no reason to think the banks aren't double charging me - I never check my bank statements. I still stand by the part about withdrawl fees, though.

The good news is here's the dentist info. He is recommended by the U.S. Peace Corp for their volunteers. I haven't visited yet, but I have a cleaning appointment scheduled.

Dr. Carlos Rojas
Jorge A. Paez, #690 (N47-466)
Corner of Paez and Quarderas, La Concepcion, Quito
phone: 2 434 555
Closest Trolley station is "La Y", his office is a large white and green house.

Hope that is helpful.

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I lived in Quito for a year, and i never had any problems with ATM's. The only thing was that I found more ATM's for Mastercard, than I did for Visa just make sure to have a four digit PIN number. :)

have a great time:D