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Hi there, I am just wondering with the current SARS scare, are there anyone planning or cancelling any trips to Malaysia?

Just for your info, K.L is pretty safe from SARS. I live here and so far, people are freely walking around doing the normal everyday thing. Tourist and locals everywhere without the facial mask.

If you are still planning or thinking hard or need more info on KL, please do drop me a message.

Warm regards,

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Thank you very much for the information provided. I wish to vist Malaysia very soon. Please give me more advise in regards to transportation, communication, hotels, etc.:)

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Hi kpsgroup,

Have you made your trip to Malaysia yet? Well, if you have not, I have some tips for you ...

First of all, the public transportation is okay, what with the LRT and ERL (these are like the Underground in London). They are new and very efficient, and they go to most of the major destinations.

The buses here are not so good I'm affraid. They are not always on time and can be quite packed, especially during rush hour.

As for taxis, they are easy to come by. If you are from your hotel, ask the staff at lobby to get you the taxi. The staff will usually get the honest ones. Be warned that tourists are often the target of dishonest taxi drivers. If you have to take a taxi from outside the hotel, please make sure to ask if he uses the meter, than take note that the meter is running.

Hope this help and have fun in KL. :)

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KL is Awesome, but if you have time don't miss Penang.

In KL I can reccomend Shah's Resort and Hotel I have found to be a very nice and reasonably priced hotel. It is in Petaling Jaya in KL a nice area a block from the Taman Jaya LRT(train) station and the same distance from a shopping center and food court. For nightlife hit Bangsar, it has the best bars and clubs in M-asia. The caves are a must see, but I can't remember their actual names... but if you talk about the caves the locals will know what you mean. China town is nice,.

If you get to Penang though(do try) You must go to see Kek Lok Si. It is a temple to the Chinese goddess of mercy on a hillside in Penang. It's so worth it, as is the snake temple and the butterfly park in Penang.

I could go on forever, but I'll spare you. I travel Malaysia anytime I get more than 5 days off work and I'm not headed somewhere else. I would move there if I could get the visas in order. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Melacca and J.B. are also must sees.