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You've probably thought of this already, but consider hooking up with primitive skills groups. I know there's people, at least here in Canada, who practice primitive survival skills and know where the best forage/hunting areas are. They're generally very friendly. If you're ever out in west coast Canada. Head up to the Queen Charlotte islands. It's one of the most beautiful places on earth. There's also a lot of Haida natives out there who can probably help you since half of their food comes off the land. Be aware that in places like China and the far east, almost everything is hunted or foraged out. Try getting an english teaching job in those places to survive. Good thing is food and board are generally cheap in those places except in Japan. Sorry if you've already thought of some of this.

Best of luck to both you and your girl.

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Quoting patience


Actually there's no "HE" in the moto. Our Canadian special forces follows the response "WE DARE". :-)

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no i only gonna crry a taser it sends out 30000volt but no guns or something

You might want to check the legality of tazers in different countries. Don't buy one that looks like a handgun at least. My sister had her pepper spray confiscated here in Canada. Don't forget to check anything sharp or even remotely considered to be a weapon into luggage in an airplane. Personally, I think it would be easier to carry around a big knife.

Isa is right about homeland security these days. When dealing with airport security, keep your answers short and to the point, and ALWAYS be nice no matter how badly you're treated. These guys generally don't like surprises. If they see even the smallest reason to be suspicious or think you're not an "average" tourist they'll make you go through all the security checks since they have nothing better to do. What you're doing is unusual, so leave the details out. You're simply going from point A to point B, on vacation, from Belgium originally, and maybe travelling around the world with girlfriend to see the world. The main thing is to keep calm, be professional, and act like you belong there.

Check out this guy's book: A lot of very practical tips.

Again, the best of luck. What the two of you are doing is absolutely amazing.