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I'm arriving to Buenos Aires in November and wondering about accommodation in an apartment. Can you recommend a realtor that handles foreign tourists?

I'm also wondering about day trips, sighseeing, must do's. I would like to visit some museums and theaters if there are good presentations. What do you recommend?

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I have found that the best day trips are:
Tigre: best on weekends, there's a fair with local crafts, you can take a boat trip in the Delta.
Colonia: a beautiful city in the Uruguay coast of the river, you get there on a boat trip. The city still keeps the colonial constructions and paving.
Ranch: a visti to an Argentine ranch, shows, asado (barbecue),horsebackriding.

Check the shows on the Colon Theater and San Martin. Usually there are also great shows on the luna park and coliseo theater. You may also wabt to check for the big shows they offer in parks (there might be one when you're there)

Best museums: bellas artes, fernandez blanco, malba, modern art, design.


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Don't forget to catch a Tango show at Cafe Tortini (spelling?)!!!

Get to La Boca too for it's great Tango displays etc!

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I just got back from Buenos Aires 1 week ago.

My recoomendations:

Tango shows in La Boca and/or along Florida Mall.

Sunday Markets in San Telmo and Tigre.

Catch a football match while over there as well. River Plate or Boca Juniors are the best.

Take the Buquebus across to Uruguay for a day or 2.

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Just reserved an apartment through a website called stopinbuenosaires.com.ar.

They took my deposit money.

I'm hoping they are legitimate.

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should write info@myapartment.com.ar.
they´re ok. and, apart from private apartments, they have shared ones. that´s fun.

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Here are some websites for apartment rental in BsAs. Hope they will be helpful to you.


You will find some tour info on these websites, also.


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For accomodations you can also try:


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I'll be in B.A. next week. I've been there 4 times, there are several good theaters, all spanish speaking but maybe you will enjoy musicals. I love that city

And Tango shows. I recommend SENOR TANGO, very nice and sophistacated. If you want something more typical, try EL VIEJO ALMACEN.

Museums.. I'm not sure. There are good ones but can't compare with european museums. It depends on what are you looking for. They are good for temporary expositions. I saw in july a very good and complete one of Andy Warhol paintings.

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I just spent the last month in a great apartment in Buenos Aires in the Palermo area. I can highly recommend staying in this area because the restaurants are great. The apartment is in a new high rise block on the 10th floor with a great view from the balcony and excellent security. It has two bedrooms, 1 double and 1 single and cable TV and phone, kitchen (though we never cooked!)

The landlord lives on the same floor and works from home as a software engineer and his door is always open for any question you might have (great service!)

The apartment is 800 USD per month. This worked out a little bit more than the hostel but was well worth it for the privacy and comfort. And of course you can bring back whomever you want.

drop me a mail and i will give you his email address.

If you go through the rental agents expect to pay at least 200 USD more for the convenience! We did and were not happy so you can benefit from our expereince! Damn it!