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Can anyone tell me about Ibiza.Four women are traveling and we all
speak English. will this be a problem? What to wear in December, what to see first, where to visit, exchange rate.
We will be there for 7 days. where should we go?
Do we need a car or is transportation readily available?
Please help.....

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I think people seeing your thread where thinking this person is taking the P--- but when I had a closer look you are from the USA so that explains it.
Everyone speaks English and dress lightly with a pullover for MAYBE nights.
Ibiza to the English is just a lively "anything goes place" for all night dancing and !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Try Links or destinations at top of this page and check out various links for all or any info you require and maybe have a guide book as you might be sensible girls!!!!!!!!! and want to explore the island.
Just use local bus's as its a way of getting a feel of the true island as you are in no hurry.
Exchange rate you can check on links at top right.
Have a great trip and enjoy yourselves which I know you will.
al de bes

3. Posted by faithric (Budding Member 3 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Thanks so much Jackboy. I appreciate your response.

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Hello there!I spent a couple of summers working in Ibiza a few years ago and whilst it is super lively, unbelievebly tacky and totally crazy there is another side to it!Ibiza town is a lot more cosmopolitan and is good for finding nice restaurants, great little boutiques and is a lot more laid back opposed to the raucious areas!It might be worth hiring a car and going to some of the more remote places, theres some great mountains and little hidden away churches...if you are feeling you want to do a bit more exploring you can get a ferry to Palma on a neighbouring island which although takes around 5 hours and is about 30 euros, it might be worth going there for a couple of nights, beautiful city, good for shopping, nice bars and restaurants!totally depends what you are looking for!!!