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1. Posted by sheilaka (Budding Member 6 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

I want to go to Iquitos from Lima but the flights I am finding come out to about $400 round trip on LanPeru. Is there a cheaper way to get there by plane???


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You can get there by bus, that is cheaper!

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Right now i think you have returned fromo Iquitos to Lima. Well, no problem.

I´m in Lima, tonight (21-10-05) i go to Huaras, then Trujillo, then Chiclayo, then Iquitos, by Marañón`s river. After that i`m going down to Pullalpa, Ayacucho, then Cusco, Puno and Tacna.

After that i`m travelling to Chile, from north to south. All by road -except, of curse, the amazonian rivers-.

If i can help, any thing, just get in touch.

Well...may be to late... you're back in your country, isn`t?



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Hi Sheila, more cheap for bus, you can visit Iquitos, i recommend the beach in north of Perú is very beautifull and Huaraz too, you love trekcking?? visit Huaraz, i planned visit Iquitos but in january, maybe february...

good Luck.

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There are no roads to Iquitos. The only way to go there is by plane.
Well, You can go by bus to Pucallpa. Err... actually you need a 4x4 and lot of courage if you want to go to Pucallpa by car. No highways, asphalt or paviment roads, just trails.

From Pucallpa there are boats that goes to Iquitos, but as long as I heard they are very uncomfortable, 2 days the trip, old boats and discomfort!

The best way to go there is by plane. There are several jungle towns you can reach by car, bus (Tarapoto, La Merced, etc) but Iquitos is very far and deep in the jungle. Fly!