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I have decided to do the BUNAC Work Australia programme and am hoping to depart on the June 8th flight via Bangkok. I have not started saving yet. I have two jobs now, and after my outgoings I have £350 to live off plus another approximately £80 per week from my part time bar job. Do you think it is feasible that I will save enough in time? On paper it looks like it but I also have a graduate loan of £136 a month to cover for while I am away, although I am sure that I can knock this down to about £90 or £100 if I take off the insurance. When I go to Oz I am planning on working full-time and am trying to get a career related job which pays quite well, but will work hard even if I don't!

Ahh I don't know if I am worrying about nothing or should I just book it anyway and really go for it?!!

Any advice would be very useful!


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Sounds like you will have enough money to keep you going for a while if you start saving now. Personally, I would just go ahead and book it. I think you are more likely to save if you have already booked.
As for getting a job over here, you may have to wait a while before you get a career-related job but you will be able to find plenty of work to keep you going in the mean time...

Good luck with it all and I say go for it!

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i reckon it is definaetly feasible too. coming from the UK to here will be easy. The money that you can save will be worth heaps over here so i wouldn't worry about it too much. You'll find that things over here are heaps cheaper as well. I reckon that if you land with say 1000 pounds you could survive for about a month without a job if you stay somewhere relatively cheap. you'll be fine. but i know it can be hard i'm trying to save for a holiday as well which i leave for in under 4 months so don't fret too much.

Good luck with the saving.

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Many thanks for the posts! Another dilemma, the inroduction of the 2 year visa! I really don't want to waste precious visa time by only doing a year, but currently the programme only offers one as the return flights would be outdated should I wish to stay any longer!

Can anyone update me on what is happening with that? Many thanks again!