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Amigos...Soy un Chileno/Italiano de 25 años que parte en noviembre de viaje, pero aun no he definido si a australia o a new zealand o ambos, afortunadamente puedo optar a la WHV para ambos paises. Mi idea es poder estudiar ingles y trabajar para financiar mi viaje. Mi gran duda es que llegare a la zona con US$3000 para financiar el comienzo de mi viaje, pero me han dicho que en australia es bastante mas cara la vida comparado con NZ, ¿que tan facil puede ser encontrar trabajo en estos paises para alguien que habla poco ingles? mi idea es trabajar en cosechas de frutas, construccion, restoranes,etc. ¿El dinero ganado es suficiente para vivir y ahorrar algo para seguir viajando? estas son preguntas pa ambos paies.
Muchas gracias por su ayuda

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google translation:

Friends... I am a Chileno/Italiano of 25 years that starts off in November of trip, but have not even defined if to Australia or new zealand or both, luckyly I can choose to the WHV for both paises. My idea is to be able to study ingles and to work to finance my trip. My great doubt is that it will arrive at the zone with USS3000 to finance the beginning of my trip, but they have said to me that in Australia the life compared with NZ is enough but expensive, that so facil can be to find a job in these paises for which ingles speaks little? my idea is to work in harvests of fruits, construction, restoranes, etc. The gained money is sufficient to live and to save something to continue traveling? these are questions pa both paies. Thank you very much by its aid

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Hi there!

Well, obviously you'll get most response if you write in English on these forums, which actually has another benefit at the same time... it really helps you pick up English faster :)

If you don't speak English very well, working in a restaurant is going to be tough, unless it's cleaning dishes or something like that. Doing fruit picking is going to be much easier. Working in construction is going to be very hard too because you need special certificates for this and your english probably has to be pretty good to get one for security reasons. But the good news is that there is a LOT of fruit picking work available and it's one of the best jobs you can do when it comes to saving money for your trip because you don't have anywhere to spend your money while you are picking fruit in farms in the middle of nowhere ... Also, accommodation is usually very cheap or even free in these cases so you save money that way too. If you worked in for example Sydney, accommodation costs about 30 AUD a night and with some partying involved, costs are easily around 300 AUD per week. On a farm with cheap or free accommodation (and maybe even food), it could be half that!

I'd imagine the same more or less goes for NZ as well.

Hope that helps!!