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hi there. I know this type of question has been asked a bunch, but I can't find the answers I'm looking for. I am looking for first hand experience in getting a working holiday visa from Australia and HOW LONG it took. I know I won't have any medical/criminal things to review so the only thing I am worried about is "peak season delays."

I turn 18 on November 17th. So thats when I can/will apply. I want to leave before December though because the flights from Canada become so much more expensive. This will give me a window of about 12 days or 8 working days...IS THIS GOING TO BE ENOUGH TIME??

I know this is asking a very subjective question, but first hand account is all I can base my decision on right now. If people have experienced delays longer than my time required without any further review of their application please let me know. It could save me

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no experiences??:(

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hey Canuck10

i'm an aussie and i've just done some research for you. You should be able to put in an application before you turn 18 however if you can't for whatever reason then you should be alright. you can pay an excess for your visa to be hurried along but all you really need is about 8 working days and that should be heaps. It took 2 days to get one to Vietnam adn seeing that you are canadian and thus we are all part of mother england it shouldn't be too much of a hassle. Call the Aussie embassy and ask them for information too if you need to or up the the website www.dfat.gov.au and there shouldl be some info for you there. I hope that helped a bit. let me know how ti goes.


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Also check out DIMIA at http://www.dimia.gov.au- this is more likely to have info on what you need... check the old threads because there is plenty of useful info on WHV which will come in handy...

good luck with it

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We got our WHV literally JUST before we left the UK. I think the name of the company we used was called Visa First and it was confirmed in 4 days!! Which is superfast! They also sorted us out with Austrailian bank accounts.

Good Luck


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Thanks those are helpful. I just emailed the DIMIA email address to ask the average processing time. I do believe I am going to book my flight tomorow regardless. I'm gunna cross my fingers and pray that everything works out good for me. If it doesn't come in time. I think I will have to get an ETA for 3 months then when in Australia get a flight to NZ and hopefully I can get my visa from there...I don't know if this will actually work. But it's the only backup plan I can think of right now for a NON REFUNDABLE airplane ticket. More feedback is always appreciated:)

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Hi Canuck,

Its all electronic and can take anywhere from 2-days to a few days or weeks. There is no reason why it won't take 2-days. You apply online and they send you back a reference no. Calling DFAT or emailing the dept of immigration won't help you one bit as each application is different; DFAT don't deal with this stuff, anyway. Make sure when you apply you nominate email as the preferred method of communication, not post. This will speed up the process a bit.

If for some reason you don't get the visa in time then get an ETA; however, you can only hold one type of visa. You can't have an ETA and a WHV so applying for an ETA will void the WHV application. Once here on an ETA you could go to NZ and apply online from there. Canadians can apply for WHV's from any country except within Australia.

If you fill in the forms correctly and aren't red flagged by immigration you will have the WHV in two - three days.

Good luck mate.