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My family and I would like to plan our next summer vacation to Malaysia. I am aware that there are so many places to go see and visit. Are there any in particular where we must go and do? Where is the best hotel to stay at any any of these places? What is the weather like during June and July? Where are the best places to eat and where to shop where it's not a "tourist trap"?

Thank you in advance,

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it is really depends on how many days you would like to spend in Malaysia and what kind of holiday you expect to have it here. we have many good place to taste all kind of food here, like for example chinese food, malay food, indian food, etc. and the place you can have good food is Penang island and Kuala Lumpur. if you like natural like for example beach and island, you like summer, under hot sun, you can go to island at east coast of west malaysia, there are many beach and island there. if you like cultural stuff, you can go to east malaysia, Sarawak(one of a state in east malaysia) is a good place to visit, there are over 20 type of native there to make Sarawak a wealth cultural place. it is really many place you can visit here, it is really depends on what you want to have it in your holiday, only you can focus on where you want to go. if you want to fully experience everything in malaysia, you need to spend few weeks here.

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Hai, let me introduce a little of Malaysia to you.
Start from the north
Penang, also known as the Pearl of the Orient. Visit Kek Lok Si, a Chinese Buddhist temple on the waist of the Penang Hill, a famous tourist attraction. Visit Gurney Drive, a seashore of hawkers and lovers, most attractive at night.
Cameron Highlands, about 400km north of Kuala Lumpur(KL), a hill resort with many vegetable farmland.
Fraser's Hill, a hill resort built by the British colonialists then. A quiet and serene place good the city folks.
KL, the capital city of Malaysia. Here you should not miss the once tallest building of the world, the Twin Tower. Visit Genting Highlands, a gambling resort about 200km from KL. If you have time, you may want to visit the Multimedia Supercorridor, Cyberjaya, and the new government headquarters at Putrajaya, both about 100km from KL.
Malacca. The oldest town of Malaysia. This is the harbor where the famous Chinese navigator, ZHeng He, came several times and set up his warehouse here.
Johore Baru, the city nearest to SIngapore.
For seeing Malay, the local nationality, cultures, I suggest you go north to Kelantan, bordering with Thailand.
In East Malaysia, you can visit Mulu Caves in Sarawak.
Let me stop here
I cannot tell you where and what to eat. It is safe in Malaysia to visit any of the eating stalls on the street, or the restaurants. The food here is mostly spicy, with alot of curry and sambal. Even the Chinese food has changed its flavour to become more spicy too. One famous food which Malaysians like most is the Roti Canai, an Indian bread eaten with curry. It is said that even in India, there is no such food. The Malaysian Indians have created this food for Malaysia.
Law HN

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Here are my suggestions

A. Island/beachside
Langkawi - North West of Pennisula. Tanjung Rhu has 1 of the best beaches in the island
Penang for food and English colonication spots
Perhentian or Redang - North East of Pennisula. They are well known for the beach, snorkelling & diving.

B. Cultural/Heritage spot (good for the kids n adult to understand more about the country)
Muzuim Negara, KL
Batu Cave, KL
Melaka (you will need a day in Melaka)
Cyberjaya, KL
Sabah & Sarawak

C. Adventure
Taman Negara (National Park), Pahang
Mt. Kinabalu, Sabah

D. Shopping in KL

If you need more information and help, please pm me.

Happy Traveling

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If you are interested in some trekking, the Cameron Highlands is beautiful, however if you manage to find a reliable map there, or follow the signposted trails, then I congratulate you!

I would highly reccommend Baku National Park in Sarawak, Borneo (excellent maps and signposts!!!) It's very scenic and peaceful with great walks. Lots of monkeys there which are amusing, and very strange looking hairy pigs.

Afraid I didn't have long enough to explore beaches etc so can't help there, but I can say Malaysia has the best noodles I've ever tasted!

Maybe consider a stop in Kuala Selangor, there you can hop on a little boat and go down a river in the dark to see the fireflies. Something a bit different.

You will love it!

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Vibrant, wild, and uniquely exciting, Malaysia's natural landscape promises to astound with its extraordinary mix of exotic flora and fauna. With over 10,000 species of plants, birds and mammals, Malaysia is home to some of the most spectacular wonders of the natural world, including a 130-million year-old rainforest.

From what u hav done on your last summer vacation, trust me the only thing you need to do one is explore our rainforest and the rest is a + to your vacation here in malaysia.

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