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The idea of a road trip really excites me, but i have a few questions.

How does someone from outside the US go about it? What are the options in terms of a vehicle? Hire or buy?

I'm looking at travelling for a month, and driving a lot of miles.

Thanks for your help.

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Well for starters as your only 19 hiring a car is going to cost you an extra £12 per day.Myself and 2 friends are coming towards the end of a road trip at the moment.
We flew into Vancouver on the 9th June and drove to Quebec then into the US and are now in Las Vegas after driving 18,000 kilometres at the moment.We are now heading back up to Vancouver to drop the car off on 9th October.

Total price for car hire for the trip was £1800

You say your going to be doing lots of miles and travelling for a month,well i would seriously consider where you want to go and what you want to see as a month isnt that long at all for the US.
Even in the time we have had its been rushed and if you look at my blog we have been to alot of places.Plus driving can be very tiring and getting from some places to another can often take you 6-9 hours and we have split the driving between 2 of us.Some of the time after driving all day all you want to do is sleep the next day and then you have lost a days worth of your trip basically.

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I'm afraid I have to agree with -reece- on this month simply isn't enough to time to travel the U.S. I think you'd be better off targeting a specific region and traveling in that region for a month. Hope that helps some...

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Take a look at these beginners tips for USA flydrives.

They may help answer some of your questions. The previous posters are correct, hiring a car at 19 will be very expensive and the USA is very very big and so you will need to carefully plan what you wish to see.