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I was watching a documentry about NZ last night and the place looks amazing!! I cant wait to go! There are so many great places to see. I have a RTW and will be in NZ for about a month flying into Christchurch and out of Auckland. Im thinking i should maybe have made NZ my base with a trip to Australia instead!! Im sure Oz will be good too!

In the programme it said the boat trip between the south and north island is pretty rough because its really windy etc. Has anyone done it, is it that bad?!

Im setting off in a couple of weeks but wont reach NZ until around next july/august!

I cant wait!!

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Yeah, New Zealand is truly gorgeous - easily my favorite country in the world.

I've taken the ferry between the islands four times altogether - three times the lynx (the fast one), and once the interislander (the other one), and have never been bothered by it. The trip is boring rather than rough.

However, I do know that every so often the wind will blow straight through Cook Strait, and whip up the waves so high that the ferries are cancelled - happens a handful of days each year. So, although not likely, it is possible for the trip to be quite rough.

Btw, for recommended things to see and do when you have about a month in New Zealand, see for example this recent thread.

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NZ is FAB! As a kiwi I'm biased though!

The ferry should be fine. If it is a bit rough it will roll a bit but as Sander says this only happens a handful of times a year and you are not likly to be too bothered unless you suffer from motion sickness a lot. If you do have a rough crossing the best thing to do is watch the horizon (it'll help if you feel sick at all because it is a constant steady point) and my grandad says ginger biscuits and lemonade will settle any upset stomach (I don't get motion sick so I've never tested this but my bother swears it works.)

If you're really worried about it you can fly between wellington and bleheim fairly easily.

Have an awesome time!