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Hi all! Going to Venezuela in December and trying to find information on hikes (independent). Any comments...suggestions?

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I travelled Venezuela on my last trip but did not do any hiking myself as I am a bit of a townbum but hopefully you may find some help at links etc at top of this page.
One of Venezuela largest park for hiking be it indivudul or groups is Parque Nacional Henri Pittier and the roads from N to S are appox 55km long with high mountains and valleys.
Their is also Parque Nacional El Avila just outside Caracas where indepentant hiking is very safe and it takes in a 90km area.
Lonely Planet South America gives lots of info of these and more parks and hiking or do a google with the above park names.
Have a great enjoyable fun hike.
al de bes

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Hey, I'm also planning a trip to Venezuela in December...so definitely keep in touch while you make your plans. I will have just about 2 weeks, also want to get some trekking in. There is a trek Roraima, I think it is about 5 days which I'm considering doing, supposed to be at least somewhat intense from what I've read. I also want to check out Angel Falls and the beach for a couple of days of diving. Are you planning on trekking for most of the time?

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I am also in Venezuela the end of November and first couple weeks of December so let me know your plans, Jenni