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Hi There
We are just about to embark on our RTW trip starting in India-Mumbai at the end of Nov. I have been to Goa before but everyone tells me this isn't the 'real' India. I just wanted a bit of advice on where to stay in Mumbai & what to expect... I know it will be 'different' and have read up quite a lot, but would love to hear personal experiences & any recommended advice.

I have also read reports that because of the recent floods it isn't very safe healthwise - any opinions on this?

We are planning on staying around 4 mths in India travelling south first & flying out of Delhi. Goa, Kerala, Varanassi & Rajastan are our main places en route - any other recommendations?


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Hi moondanza,
I lived in Mumbai for about 14 years and typically make a trip there every year. I have a few suggestions for your trip there.

Stay in South Bombay. It captures the intrinsic charm of Mumbai like no other part of the city does. Here are some of the things you might want to do in Bombay:

1) Gateway of India
2) A ferry ride to Elephanta Caves
3) A walk down Marine Drive
4) Kala Ghoda Art district
5) Colaba

Theatre is very popular in Mumbai. The two major playhouses are NCPA Tata Theatre and Prithvi Theatre. Look them up on google to see what's playing. If you have difficulty finding the website, send me a message and I'll help you out with that.

Your experience in Mumbai should be good. It is safe and the people are friendly and quite helpful. As far as the rest of your time in India, you might want to consider adding Leh/Ladakh to your trip. For most people, it is the experience of a lifetime. In Rajasthan, make sure you do the camel Safari at Jaisalmer. There are several safari tour operators in Jaisalmer.

I hope this was helpful for you. Have an awesome trip to India.


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Thanks for your email.
As for Mumbai, you may stay at Hotel Godwin, a two star hotel, neat & tidy. (The address: Jasmine building, 41 Garden Road, Colaba.). Apart from the normal sightseeing (please visit our website: , Goa & Kerala Tours), Mumbai is India’s commercial hub therefore a visit to market is very rewarding.
You must stick to your mineral water & do not partake of any food from vendors – you will be safe.
Hotel Hindustan International at Varanasi is good. The visit to the ghats from a boat is very rewarding. Don’t miss Khajuraho (Western Group Temples only), as you are in the vicinity, it is about 10hours by road south west of Varanasi. Hotel Jass is good.
In Rajasthan stay in one of the off beaten hotels. I would recommend hotel Ravla Jojawar, some 18km from Deogarh, on Ranakpur Desuri road. You may visit the tribal Rebari hamlet with their camels. There are so many other off beaten places of interest.
As you are spending a lot of time in India, I imagine there will be a lot of strain on your pockets, hence these medium properties.
Hope that helps,
Happy hunting & be safe!
PS: Leh & Ladakh is best in May to September, do not try anything extravagant during the colder months in the Himalayas. It is dangerous as roads get blocked.

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Hi Friend,
Greetings from India
It’s great pleasure to give comments on your queries:
Well Goa is really different then the other parts of India, Goa was under Portuguese rule for a long time and it has not changed much since it joined Indian Territory. Thus assume as if you are in Portugal and not in India.
Bombay is at its best, in this season. Well the flood have affected the greenery and atmosphere in Mumbai , but it is absolutely safe if you keep yourself in good surrounding, I will advice to stay in a good hotel at Mumbai.(at least three star Hotel)
You have chosen the right time to visit India, in November the temperature is good at all the place you intend to visit.
I can help you better if you ask me specific questions about India.

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6. Posted by moondanza (Budding Member 7 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Thanks for your replies.

I was hoping to visit Manali & see the Himalayas, but now realise that this may not be feasibly possible weatherwise (Nov-March). How far North can you go before the weather gets too bad? Any suggestions?

Also.. what is appropriate clothing for women in India in Mumbai, are sleeveless tops or T.Shirts acceptable?


7. Posted by pranavc (Respected Member 318 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Hi moondanza,
As far as going North, I'd say you could go as far as Delhi. Please do not miss Rajashthan. Nov-March is the best time to go there (and frankly the only enjoyable time to be there from a weather standpoint).

As far as clothes go, in Bombay, Goa, and Kerala, anything goes. In the rest of the places, avoid sleeveless tops (at least when you are on your own). T-shirts should be OK. Hope this helps.

Take care,