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Hey there everybody:)

I know there are already two posts about this subject, i just wanted to know if you guys knew about a way to buy tickets to the Sambodrome online....? I really want to go, to get the whole experience of Carnaval :)And I've heard that they sell out really quickly (I won't be arriving to Rió until the 20th, or 22th...)

And one more thing, do you know if you can get a cheap flight inside Brazil from Manaus to Rió?

With thanks in advance


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hi elin,

i have been 2 time for carnaval in rio. At the 2nd time i was in Sambodromo, at saturday after the carnaval days.

On this Saturday the 6 best samba schools are doing the parade. It starts at 9. pm, to get a seat go early. To go home by taxi, could be an adventure, because less taxis who will charge much higher price. If you speak portugese, this would help.

I bought about 2,5 weeks before in Rio, at the official selling place. Price for sector 3 was 70 Reals, about 24 Euros. On www you find the price US$79

I stayed in a hotel normal price 108 Reals for 2 persons, 4 days at carnaval 220 Reals.

If you need more details, write me.



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cheap flights:

Well, South america is expensive, cause less pressure on the market.

Check Gol. It is the low cost carrier, planes are good. It depends on the route. Sometimes the classical companies VARIG and TAM has cheaper prices.

I plan to visit Manaus in Febuary next year.


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Thanks so much Stefan, by any chance can you remember which hotel you stayed on? everything I look for on the internet charge like 80 $ a person per night. and that's quite far out of my budget for day.

And is it safe to buy the tickets on the internet, it's no scam is it? and do you know, do they send them to you, or do you pick them up when you arrive in Rió?

Thanx alot:)!!!

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here is the hotel adress. Perhaps i will be there for carnaval 2006, not yet decided.

Make reservation lately end of December. Hotel is booked out normally.

Payment for carnaval must be done in advance by sending a copy of credit card by FAX. Of course do not sent the backside security number. I have done it 2 times.

If you travel alone, just talk to other travelers in the breakfast room. I got known interesting people, breakfast buffet is good.

Hotel Regina:
Rua Ferreira Viana nº 29, CEP 22210-040 Flamengo, Rio de Janeiro – Brasil, Tel: (55 21) 2556-1647,

Room single /two person
2004: 80 /86 Real,
2005: 92 /106
Carnaval 2005: 220 Reals per room

Hotel is very near to subway, 200m by foot, during evening /night you use taxi

Flamengo district has more a local flavour, compared to Copacabana. Less tourist feeling during the day.

Tickets by www:
Well, the link i mentioned, i do not know the company.
It is important to know, that you buy 1st a voucher and about 1-2 weeks before carnaval weekend you get the orginal ticket. (If this is valid also for international purchasing, i do not kow -> ask the selling company via email). The tickets has a magnet strip, like your credit card. This makes creation of wrong copies more difficult. But, i would never buy this kind of ticket on the street, expect in front of the entrance of Sambadromo, then you can test the access.

Of course there are a lot of hostels too. Advantage is, that you get known very easily other travelers. Hostels also organize tickets. I do not know, how they can manage shortterm tickets.

Further carnaval info ressources:^4@.ee6f07c

Rio party tips and sightseeing:

Safety in Rio:
... i will comment this in the next posting soon

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To see the parade, goto the winners parade, the Saturday after the carnaval. I paid 70 Reals, about 25 USD. It was the 2nd cheapest price.

Street carnaval is cheap. You just buy the beers for 2 Reals at the street and watch the people.

For nightlife you go by taxi, calculate oneway 20 reals in average for 10-15 mins.

Dance clubs:
10 - 15 Reals for normal, upto 40 or 50 is possible. Dependence on location.

Buy the book rio for partiers, there you get all details. Follow the day by day recommendations.

The most difficult question to answer. During night only by tax.
Do not walk at night along copacobana beach. Either it is bright by light, the possibility is high to be robbed.

You can use metro during the day, without any concern. At the evning i have use also.

I carry about 100 Reals in my pocket.

Use credit card only for getting cash. If cash is stolen, it is better than you the credit card.

Follow the recommendations where to go out in lonly planet and it will work fine.

If you get robbered, do not fight, do not run away, give them the money, then normally nothing happen. Of course, the risk hat you get hurt, is higher than other cities.

Try to learn basic portugese.