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21. Posted by dramaqueen (Budding Member 14 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Have you thought about the person in front though? Maybe they have someone in front of them reclining, and they're desperate to re-claim some of their space.... surely they're entitled to either the space in front or the space behind, no one should have both!

I personally won't put mine back all the way, or I won't put it back at all if it's a daytime flight... During a night time flight, I always check the person behind is OK with it, or asleep, and put mine back slightly... a bit of common courtesy is needed on this one!

22. Posted by flynhawn (Budding Member 3 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

As I pointed out in my first post, I don't recline my seat very often in the first place (and that's saying a lot, as ALL my flights are a minimum of 4.5 hours in length). But when I want to I expect to be able to, as I have been given that option by the airline. If the passenger behind asks me nicely if I wouldn't, or if that person cannot recline his or her seat for whatever reason, then I'd probably not recline. Or we could work it out where I'm reclined for half the flight, and the other half I'm not. Or, because I am such an accomodating person, especially when others have manners, I would ask the flight attendant if I could be seated elsewhere (giving up my window view or aisle seat). Some might view these options as wimping out or giving in, but I see it as being flexible and mature. We must remember that we're all, for the most part, experiencing the same or similar feelings during the flight (tired, missing being away from our families, disgruntled at the high price we paid for our flight, etc.) and that we're not alone. Flight Attendants managing to convince passengers not to recline their seats are scenes that I'm sure are few and far between. This thread concerns the "Knee Defender" product and not specifically about whether we should or should not be reclining our seats. Distilling it all down, I believe that the "Knee Defender" should not be used for the following 3 reasons: 1. The engineered and option of reclining our seats if we are "inclined to recline". As long as it's offered, all passengers should be able to recline and not have a covert "weapon" such as a "Knee Defender" product trying to prevent us. 2. Safety and the policy of the airlines regarding the use of ancillary equipment that might endanger the safety of passengers or potentially cause breakage to an airline seat. 3. Widespread opinion on the subject. I am certain that if a poll were conducted (even a simple vocal poll by asking other passengers on a flight), the majority of passengers would not like the "Knee Defender" or other products/devices attempting to simulate it. If a passenger chooses not to recline his/her seat (because he/she has agreed not to with the person in BACK of him/her or because the passenger simply doesn't care to recline), then that's his/her choice, AND and BUT in turn he/she should not restrict, limit, or prevent the choice to recline of the person seated in FRONT of him/her (by using the "Knee Defender" or other similar devices or tactics), a choice that the airlines provides to all passengers (well almost all except those whose seats are in front of partitions). You have purchased the ability to SIT in your seat and RECLINE that same seat, which in so doing happens to take up some of the air space BEHIND you (duhhh--I'm sure the engineers who designed the aircraft knew this would happen). Whether in Coach or First-Class, the ability remains the same (although it's more comfortable and easier to tolerate and endure a reclined seat in front of you in the First-Class cabin). It's a fact that the airlines allow passengers to recline (evidenced by a button that you depress to recline your seat) but it's not a fact that the airlines allow passengers to own the air space in front of them.